Saturday, May 12, 2012

Abysme - Strange Rites

For every ten or so crappy new bands that seem to constantly flood the interwebs and the metal underground, there's a solid band or two out there just waiting to be noticed and with any luck they can rise above the mediocrity. And with the debut full-length "Strange Rites," Abysme might just be about ready to break out and showcase their talent. There really isn't anything extraordinary about the band's take on death metal, but it's captivating and shows even more promise for their future output. The sound that's being emulated here is a familiar one as the the legends in Entombed and Dismember are the main foundation for their sound, but unlike the vast majority of Swedeath-worshipers out there, Abysme doesn't completely go for that exact sound that was pioneered on "Left Hand Path" or any of the earlier Swedish releases. Instead the band throws in a sizable Autopsy influence, as well as some Immolation and Incantation inspiration for good measure. 

The riffs on "Strange Rites" only come in a few different fashions, but they suffice. There are of course the midpaced, d-beat driven riffs that batter the listener's neck, with "Terminal Delirium" and "Remarkable Conqueror" being the two more violent tracks. But a lot of this record's music embraces the more extreme levels of tempo by either taking a doom-laden path that drags the listener down or the blast-beat-ridden route that fans of American death metal should be no stranger to. "Beyond the Seventh Door" employs both styles smoothly, almost reminiscent of Swedish bands like Utumno and Unleashed who hit ridiculously fast marks while also trudging along ever so gloomily. The album-closer "Remarkable Conqueror" is easily the magnum-opus of the album as it effortlessly combines midpaced madness with faster moments as well as slower parts for maximum satisfaction. 

The vocals aren't anything out of the ordinary and they fit the heavy music fine. The other instruments also don't really stand out but they do their jobs well enough, making sure every blastbeat is timed well and every fill is well done. Abysme shouldn't have any problem whatsoever in their quest to become one of the more standout bands in today's underground because "Strange Rites" accomplishes what so many other demos, EPs, and full-lengths fail to do, and that's to give the listener a sonic beatdown that they will enjoy for multiple listens. If you're a fan of any of the masters that were mentioned before, then this record should find a nice home in your collection. If not, then be prepared to be drawn and quartered...

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"Beyond the Seventh Door"
"Remarkable Conqueror"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%.