Monday, February 28, 2011

Terminate (USA) and Conflagration (Norway) Demo Reviews

For today's blog entry I'm gonna be doing a couple of reviews of two kickass bands (And I'm not just saying that because they gave them to me for free) who know how to write some awesome metal in the vein of the old school greats without sounding repetitive and boring. First up is the three song, Chainsaw onslaught demo that is Terminate's debut 2011 demo.

Terminate - Demo 2011
Just a little background information on this band. Terminate is at the moment a two piece OSDM band straight out of Chicago. The music is very reminiscent of some of DM's greats like Bolt Thrower and the amazing Swedish DM bands. Anyway, let's review this motherfucker eh?

First up is the track Rotten Dead Mass. This track starts off with a slow heavy riff and then in comes the drums and this song takes off. John Parada (Vocals and Guitar) manages to utilize the tempo changes very well and commands this track very well with his great vocal style that fits the music greatly. After all of this action it slows down into a cool melodic riff type solo thing and then ends with the fury of the double bass pedals leading you into the next song quite well. Overall a very solid track and a good way to kick off the demo. 3.5/5.

Next on the list is the track Chainsaw Omega. Unlike the last song this song gets straight into it with a cool riff to open it and straight into the vocals. I really dig the chorus with the crushing guitar chords, double bass drumming and the vocals dominating the listener. After the second chorus, shit really picks up and we go into another heavy riff and then we end the song. Definitely a better track than the first. 4.0/5.

The final track (and the longest) is up next and is entitled Answered in Lead. It opens up with a very cool DM riff that reeks of Swedish influences and then goes into a heavier riff and picks up the pace of the song. I'm really digging the riffs on this song and IMO are the best riffs on the entire demo. This song has some cool solos and then after that, all hell breaks loose as the drumming really picks up and the riffs get heavier. I can't really think of a better way to end this song then that. The best track on this demo and a great way to close it. 4.5/5.

The overall grade of this demo... 4.0/5.

Next up we have the Morbid Dissonances demo from Norway's own Conflagration. Conflagration plays a style of music that blends the two genres of OSDM and Thrash to create their own brand of the always great Death/Thrash music.

The demo opens with the one minute instrumental intro "Morbid Dissonances." A very weird and trippy intro that leaves me questioning the sound of the rest of the demo.

Next up is the song "Pain from Beyond." The song starts off with some cool riffs and then the pace picks up and in comes the vocals that fit the music very well, just like they should. This track definitely knows how use the brilliance of changing up the tempo with out compromising the overall sound of the song as it shifts from the faster riffs into the heavier riffs, into the wicked DM riffs that can be found here. The drumming on this track definitely ups the intensity of this track and the whole atmosphere as well. After a little bit the track goes into a really neat doomy interlude and remains that way until the end of the song. Overall a great track. 4.0/5.

The final track of the demo is up next and is called "Celestial Cacophony." It opens with a kind of eerie intro and then it bursts into a fast ass riff that could have easily been written by Megadeth or Anacrusis. After the awesome riff ensues we go into some DM riffs that are followed with some more DM riffs. Just like on the last track, Conflagration manages to mix the thrashy and DM riffs together very well to create the ideal sound. After all of this the track closes with some heavy riffs and overall a great way to end the demo. 4.0/5.

The overall grade of this demo... 4.0/5.

Both of these demos do great in establishing these two newer bands as great bands with an extreme amount of potential to write some amazing full lengths and terrorize the metal fans around the world. Be sure to check out both of these bands at the following sites.
Terminate -
Conflagaration -

Anyway I'm out of here until next time... I hope you enjoyed the reviews and decide to check the bands out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 US Thrash Albums

For my first blog entry I figured I would do a rundown of my top 10 favorite US thrash albums with some mini reviews because I'm from America and Thrash is my favorite subgenre of metal. America is considered the birthplace of thrash and has the 2nd best thrash scene in the world IMO. Anyway lets get this list going.

#10. Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare.
What can I say about this thrash masterpiece? It's filled to the brim with great riffs and solos and Sean Killian provides a great energy with his unorthodox (but still awesome) vocal approach while accompanied by orgasmic gang vocals. You can't really go wrong with any track on this album but the best is definitely "Kill on Command."

#9. Metallica - Ride the Lightning
How can you talk about the best the US has to offer in terms of thrash and not talk about Metallica? Ride the Lightning definitely showed Metallica's musical progression, especially compared to the predecessor, Kill 'Em All, but they remained thrashy and most importantly memorable and catchy. This album showcases Kirk's best solos as well as some of their best riffs that can be found in tracks like Creeping Death and Fight Fire with Fire.

#8. Sadus - Illusions
Another great thrash album from the Bay. Illusions or Chemical Exposure, whatever the fuck you wanna call this beast, features glimpses of technicality, phenomenal bass playing that flows well with the intense, riffing onslaught. Darren Travis' screeching vocals command all of this madness perfectly to mesh together this masterpiece. With tracks as awesome as Torture, Certain Death, and Sadus Attack, this album stands the test of time and continues to destroy its listeners.

#7. Slayer - Reign In Blood
Reign in Blood is essential thrash that everyone needs in their top 10. And to all the people who say Reign in Blood isn't Slayer's best album... Fuck you, you're an idiot. This album is nonstop, in your face thrashing goodness. It may only last 28 minutes but it will hit you like a semi truck regardless. Angel of Death and Raining Blood alone are enough to forever cement Slayer as one of the greatest metal bands ever.

#6. Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence
The East Coast making its first appearance on this list, by being represented by the best thrash band that they have to offer, Demolition Hammer. Tortured Existence is a perfect example of how to combine brutality with catchiness for the best possible sound. Tracks like Infectious Hospital Waste and Crippling Velocity are examples of how to combine godlike gang vocals with intense riffage while tracks like 44 Caliber Brain Surgery and Hydrophobia showcase the best brutal thrash around. This entire album will keep you headbanging throughout and begging for more.

#5. Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death
Spectrum of Death like the aforementioned, Tortured Existence, is just a masterfully done work of art. The album cover shows what happens when you expose Eddie to such thrashing goodness and the music itself will tear you a new asshole. This album takes a lot of shit for its production, but that only makes it better. "Crying for Death" is easily one of the best thrash tunes ever recorded and when surrounded with other amazing songs like "Damien" and "Assassin" you've got a recipe for a masterpiece.

#4. Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence.
Demolition Hammer again?! Yes again. Topping an album as awesome as Tortured Existence is a very difficult task but somehow DHammer did it. Epidemic of Violence ups the brutality but doesn't leave behind any of the catchiness and brilliance that it's predecessor had. Tracks like "Skull Fracturing Nightmare," "Omnivore," and the title track all thrash 'til the very end and are guaranteed to make your ears climax to the fullest.

#3. Exodus - Bonded By Blood
This album is pretty self explanatory. This album is just flawless and revolutionized the metal world forever. The riffs, the vocals, the solos, and the pure energy that this album has pole vaulted it to the top of the list of amazing thrash records, and metal records in general. Exodus was never able, and never will top this showcase of brilliance.

#2. Megadeth - Rust in Peace
Dave Mustaine was easily the biggest factor in the spawning of the thrash genre, whether it was his time in Metallica or all of the collateral effects he had with his comings and goings out of bands. Dave finally reached his peak of songwriting with Rust in Peace which contains some of the most catchy and downright awesome songs ever recorded. Songs like "Take No Prisoners" and the title track are the biggest thrashers on this record but are accompanied beautifully by the epic "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" as well as less thrashy tracks but still fantastic songs like "Tornado of Souls" and "Hangar 18."

And drum roll please.... For the greatest American thrash record of all time...

#1. Metallica - Kill 'Em All.
Pretty predictable choice eh? This album has been a gateway for several metalheads as they first start on their great journey, and if any of them are like me, they will never deny the godliness of this album and will always hold a special place in their heart for this album. Not a single bad song, not to mention they all flow so well together it's not even funny.

Well that's it for the first installment of the Skull Fracturing Metal Blog and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or talk shit about my list. My next entry will most likely be a similar rundown of my top 10 OSDM albums. Until then I hope you enjoy life and kiss your parents and pets and FRACTURE YOUR FUCKING SKULL!