Friday, January 27, 2012

Putrified - Neurotic Necrotic

And he we are once more with another album from the motherland of all that is great metal, Sweden, this time it's Putrified, the one man band operated by A. Death and his second offering to the death metal underground, "Neurotic Necrotic." With so many great death metal releases out nowadays, it's become increasingly difficult to stand out and make a name and the usual best way to do that is by adding a twist to the traditional sound, but Putrified would have none of that whatsoever and the result is an album that is drenched in old-school Swedeath worship. 

The familiar guitar tone is present on "Neurotic Necrotic," though not as heavy as others. The tone is perfect though for the midpaced madness that occurs on this record. Just about every song on here follows the same structure of mixing midpaced tempos with much faster riffs that range from ripping death metal tremolo sections or some thrashier riffs. The opening song, (the title track) kicks this album off with a nice tremolo burst before the pace picks up to much faster speeds before leveling you with a heavy midpaced riff that is eventually followed with the familiar growls of A. Death. 

There are some extra little pieces of traditional Swedeath sound that find their way onto this album, as well as some more doomy elements. Tracks like "A Chamber Beneath" and "The Return of Ashes" feature their fair share of sludgy, downtuned chords that just creep along as well as some doomy melodies that wouldn't sound unfamiliar at all to any fan of Asphyx or Amorphis. The dark melodic sections on the song "They Speak" are also top notch and really give the song an evil feel that looms over the song and adds a brilliant uneasiness to the overall atmosphere. The bass also gets some moments to shine and boy is it absolutely heavy, especially on the song "These Forsaken Lands," which also happens to be the best song on "Neurotic Necrotic" with its stellar midpaced riffs that stomp the listener throughout. 

Honestly, nothing more really needs to be said about this record. It's not the best death metal album to come from Sweden in the 21st century, nor is absolutely mindblowing but it is a fun listen that any fan of old-school, rotting, filthy death metal could enjoy. 

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"The Land of Pharoes"
"These Forsaken Lands"
"The Return of Ashes"

Final Rating
4.2/5 or 84%. 

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