Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bludvera Demo Review!

First off I'll give everyone who hasn't heard of Bludvera before some background information. They are a five piece straight out of the UK who play a brand of thrash that sounds similar to Metallica and Slayer in the riff writing but a little heavier towards Kreator and Sodom (Vocals especially). Anyway I had the pleasure of reviewing their demo, so let's get to it!

Tools of Bloodshed - The opener to this four track demo and it starts off with a really cool clean intro that turns into some heavy, thrashing goodness! The verse moves along quite well and then it speeds up for the bridge to go into the chorus that keeps the listener wanting more. The song ends with a heavy outro as the gang vocals end the track. A very solid opening song. 4.5/5.

Maniac - This song opens up with a very nice riff that eventually turns into the verse of the song. After the verse you get this awesome, catchy riff that keeps your headbanging. The song features some very well executed tempo changes and continues the trend of great songs on this demo. 4.5/5.

Total Recall - My personal favorite track off of the demo. The title alone just screams awesome as it is based off of the movie with Arnold Swhartzenneger. This flies right out of the gate from the very beginning with an amazing riff that could've been written by Tommy Baron himself. The song also has a nice thrash breakdown midway and even features a sort of Death Metal-like riff near the end. Overall a brilliant song. 5/5.

Submerged by Death - A great way to end the demo with a raging thrasher of a track with the catchiest chorus on the entire demo. 4.5/5.

There you have it folks, Bludvera means business and delivers the best demo that I've heard all year and poses the question... Why is it that Evile is signed and not Bludvera?? Anyway that's all for today folks and until next time peace.

Final Rating - 4.6/5 or 92%.

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