Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interview with Soren Crawack of Impalers

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the frontman of Denmark's own Impalers. Impalers are a young and upcoming thrash band that plays in the vein of the great German bands like Kreator and Sodom. They formed in 2007 and released their first demo "Army of Darkness" and have been hard at work on the follow up ever since as well as touring the numerous European venues available to them and having the forturne to open for Thrash legends, Artillery. Now let's here what Soren had to say.

SFM - So Soren, just to give the readers who don't know about Impalers some background, who would you say has influenced your sound the most? Would I be correct to assume that based on the vocals, Sodom is a major influence?

Soren - Yes Sodom is definitely a huge influence, not only concerning vocals but also their music in general. Although we love all kinds of thrash, be it Bay Area, New York or speed metal type thrash, we feel the German teutonic sound is more our style. It's more rough and extreme, often faster and we just really like to play that way live.

SFM - That's great, the German scene is definitely my favorite scene and has spawned some amazing bands but Denmark is also home to an amazing metal band, the legendary technical thrashers, Artillery. Have you ever had the fortune to see them live or even better, open for them?

Soren - I've seen Artillery live about 6 or 7 times and we've had the absolute pleasure of playing with them twice now. They're always a blast to hang out with, and have been really helpful by promoting us, and generally just giving advice. We owe those guys a lot.

SFM - Damn that is awesome, I would love to see Artillery live. Back to Denmark and the metal scene, are there any other up and coming metal bands from Denmark we should know about?

Soren - The big "talk of the town" recently have definitely been Essence. They're a great band with really cool members, we predict a great future for those guys. We also have bands like Battery who are a very cool Exodus kind of band. But Denmark is pretty scarce on thrash bands, and you can pretty much count them on one hand, compared to the hundreds of death metal or core bands that flood the scene.

SFM - Death Metal is always great but I could do without the Core bands. Is there any friendly competition between you and the other metal bands?

Soren - Oh yeah, definitely. We give each other advice and are sure to help get each other on gigs. We listen to a lot of each others stuff too, before everyone else even hears it. Which I think is pretty cool because then you sit there and think "that's a pretty fucking good riff!" and it makes you want to write even better ones. There's a sense of comradery that I really like a lot.

SFM - I understand that you guys just finished a recording for your new demo. When is that planned for release?

Soren - We are, yeah. That will probably be out in early April. We're announcing a release date later this week

SFM - That's very good to hear. Are there any major differneces in the style or overall sound of the music compared to the "Army of Darkness" demo? Is it heavier, faster, slower, etc?

Soren - The new one is way faster! Army of Darkness wasn't really that fast, but it was where our capabilities were at the time. Besides being a lot faster we also feel that it's a bit more aggressive maybe. The production is also way better, and our guitars are actually in tune this time around, haha!

SFM - Well with this release are there any plans for some kind of tour, possibly in Europe?

Soren - There are plans for a tour, which I can't say much about yet. But it will probably be in Scandinavia only this time. But in the fall we're going to start recording our debut album. Combining that with the release of our new demo, which hopefully will get some good response, we hope some doors will open for us to go play and tour places we haven't been before.

SFM - That sounds awesome, I'm definitely looking forward to the new demo and hopefully you guys can find a way to make it to the US! And while we're on the subject of tours, if you could open up for any metal band who would it be?

Soren - Metallica. No questions about it. They're the go-to band and the gateway band for countless bands, musicians and fans of heavy metal music. They're the biggest and the best, simply put. If I were to choose a "smaller" band it would probably be either Sodom or Kreator.

SFM - Metallica would definitely be that band to go to if you want to get your name out to a vast audience... Sodom and Kreator aren't bad choices at all either! And finally, do you have any words for your fans?

Soren - Hope you like the new demo! See you on the road!

There you have it folks. Keep updated with SFM and the Impalers as we will both be tracking the impending release of the new demo. Feel free to check out the Impalers at the following links or like them on facebook and until next time peace.


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