Saturday, March 19, 2011

Artillery - My Blood Review

Let me just get this out of the way now. I am a huge Artillery fan and a fan of the Stutzer brothers to be more exact. I love all of their releases and this one is no different. This album isn't short of riffs or solos at all. This isn't a typical thrash album though, as it has very strong power/traditional metal parts and influences which is not a bad thing at all as far as I'm concerned. Time for the review!

Mi Sangre (The Blood Song) - I guess this could be considered the title track of the album and it opens up with an acoustic intro and vocals that are very reminiscent of the great Iron Maiden, but then in comes a crazy riff a la Stutzer and then it's into a thrashier riff and solo. There are a lot of solos in this song as well as some great melodic parts along with the acoustic guitar every now and then. A very solid song and great way to open the album. 4.0/5.

Monster - This is probably my favorite song off the album, as it hails back to the good ol' days of Artillery on their best album, "By Inheritance." It's got those typical Artillery style riffs and all of the catchiness you could want. 4.5/5.

Dark Days - Another great song and is the only one on the album that can really rival "Monster." It has a bunch of different riffs from the melodic riffs to the heavy chords. All around a great song and one of the best on the album. 4.5/5.

Death is an Illusion - This song is pretty thrashy up until the chorus where the heavy metal influence shows, however this isn't bad at all, and suits the song quite well. 3.7/5.

Ain't Giving In - Probably the most unique track on the record as it isn't really thrashy at all but more along the lines of a good old fashioned heavy metal anthem telling the world "fuck you, I'll live how I want." 3.5/5.

Prelude to Madness - A nice little acoustic instrumental interlude that only spans one minute.

Thrasher - Well if you based this song on the title you would be right. This is definitely the thrashiest song on the record but, it's thrashy in a very generic way from the riffs to the lyrics. 3.0/5.

Warrior Blood - Starts off with an acoustic intro and then it's a mixture of heaviness and melody throughout the rest of the song, but sadly they weren't very catchy on this tune. 3.0/5.

Concealed in the Dark - Opens with a cool bass intro and then it goes into some really nice and thrashy riffs and some great catchy riffs that only Artillery can create. 4.0/5.

End of Eternity - This song has a lot of Power Metal influence with the acoustics and melodies along with the vocals, but it is still a fantastic song. A lot of solos in this song and catchy melodic riffs. 4.0/5.

The Great - A pretty neat wah intro that leads into some more thrashy riffs combined with the melodic riffs and solos. Overall a pretty solid track to end the album. 3.5/5.

Overall rating - 3.8/5 or 76%.

Needless to say, Artillery didn't fail to impress me at all with this album and I hope that they manage to tour the US, but that's probably just wishful thinking on my part. I also want to say thank you to all of the people that read this, because thanks to you guys, this blog is beginning to appear on the first pages of google searches, so again thank you and until next time peace.

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