Monday, December 31, 2012

Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin

Much like technical death metal (see my Kamikabe review for more details), brutal death metal is one style of metal that I struggle to comprehend. In general, it sacrifices songwriting for brutality. Ironically, these bands often fail to sound as brutal as the innovators of the style, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. The vocals are so low that they are comical, and the riffs lack any sort of memorability. Despite this, I always really enjoyed Pathology’s “Legacy of the Ancients”. I picked up Abominable Putridity’sThe Anomalies of Artificial Origin” mainly because it shared the same vocalist, Matti Way. This guy doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but he avoids sounding ridiculous, and he somehow inspires slightly better songwriting around him.

The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” is a perfect example of what brutal death metal has to offer. It features relentless blast beats, an endless barrage of vocals that discuss pseudo-intellectual topics, and low-tuned slamming guitars. There are moments that get extremely technical; however, in general, the band relies on standard tremolo picking and slower groovy chugs. None of the musicians do anything that would make them stand out, but they are more than competent given the style. The songwriting is largely forgettable, but there are enjoyable moments throughout the album. Huge fans of brutal death metal will probably love this record, but for the average metal fan, this is nothing more than a decent summation of the genre. Definitely check this one out, but it probably won’t top your year-end list if you aren’t into excessive brutality.

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All/None of it

Final Rating
3.5/5 or 70%. 

Written by Scott

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Screamer - Phoenix

Screamer are one of my favourite traditional heavy metal bands from Sweden simply because they sound so authentic. Earlier in the year, I reviewed their debut album, “Adrenaline Distractions”, after seeing the band live. The band has returned in early 2013 with their new record, “Phoenix”. Screamer’s second album definitely has a very similar sound to the first album, but it drops a bit of the rock sound the band used to have. Instead, this is an album that is definitively metal throughout. That is no more evident than on the high-speed tracks like “Demon Rider” and “Phoenix”. With that said, there are still some awesome rockers, but no riff on this album sounds out of place for a metal record.

Once again, the band uses all of the hallmarks of heavy metal in their sound. Shredding dual lead guitars are plentiful and the vocals of Christoffer Svensson are the perfect compliment. At times, he is more reserved (such as on “No Sleep ‘Til Hamilton”), but he also gives plenty of energetic screams on the faster songs. In many ways, his vocals are like a tamer and more controlled version of the singing in Canadian band Striker. This is a good thing because the band isn't always going full speed as well. The highlights of this album (like any great traditional heavy metal album) are the tracks that are most memorable and have the best hooks. The aforementioned “No Sleep ‘Til Hamilton” features some catchy gang vocals in the chorus alongside Svensson’s great storytelling. This song sounds like it was inspired by their Canadian tour with Alcoholator, but the lyrics are definitely a genuine account of the hardships of touring. Another standout is the closer, “Lady of the River”. The track starts out a little slow, but it builds to an astounding guitar solo. The best comparison would be to Metallica’s “Fade to Black” because it is one of those guitar solos that has a perfect sense of phrasing and conveys a ton of emotion. This is truly a fitting end to a great record. The other tracks are all up to par for the band, but when Screamer gets it right, they really hit it out of the park.

Ultimately, “Phoenix” is the logical continuation of “Adrenaline Distractions”. It’s a bit heavier, but the songwriting isn’t quite as consistent. There are no weak tracks, only songs that are much better than others. All four musicians are still killing it, and once again, the highlight is the vocals of Svensson. If you are a fan of any newer traditional heavy metal and you don’t listen to Screamer, now is the time to start!

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"No Sleep 'Til Hamilton"
"Mr. Noman"
"Lady of the River"

Final Rating
4.5/5 or 90%. 

Written by Scott

Friday, December 21, 2012

Scott's Top 10 Metal Albums of 2012

2012 has been one crazy and awesome year for music. I've heard more new releases than I ever have in one year, but most of the choices in my top 10 were fairly easy to make. If you've read most of my reviews this year, many of these choices will be obvious. For some reason, my choices tend to be a lot more mainstream than most other lists I look at, but the reality is that these are really great albums. Sometimes (read: most of the time) metal is way too serious. If you can step back and enjoy records that are fun, you are going to get a lot out of my top 10.

#10. Unisonic - Unisonic (Heavy/Power Metal)
Unisonic's debut could have been very disappointing if you had hoped it would sound exactly like Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. 1/2. There are only a few tracks that are pure power metal, and while they are the best ones, there is still a lot of other quality material here. Kiske still sounds amazing and is the definite highlight of this album. A couple of the songs are a bit too light for me "Star Rider" and "No One Ever Sees Me", but this is still a killer album.

Highlights - "Unisonic," "Renegade" and "My Sanctuary"

#9. Rocka Rollas - Conquer (Speed/Heavy Metal)
"Conquer" is a completely different beast from this band's first album; however, it manages to be even better. This release is like the reincarnation of Running Wild. Galloping rhythms and soaring melodies are everywhere on this 4-track EP. It seems like the genius behind this band already has a large amount of material written for the future, so make sure to get this EP while it's still new from Stormspell Records.

Highlight - "Bloodbath"

#8. Sabaton - Carolus Rex (Power Metal)
Although this is among Sabaton's weaker releases, "Carolus Rex" still ranks among the best of the year, simply because of how good this band is. The title track is one of Sabaton's best anthems. The rest of the album has some unique tracks for the band. 2012 was definitely the year that Sabaton became one of my favourite bands and "Carolus Rex" definitely helped add to that hype!

Highlights - "A Lifetime of War," "Carolus Rex" and "Killing Ground"

#7. Testament - Dark Roots of Earth (Thrash Metal)
This is where this list really starts to get serious. Testament have come back with an album that really surprised me. Most of these songs are beyond heavy and are filled with riffs. Even though Chuck Billy mainly uses his clean singing voice, he still manages to sound brutal. Skolnick (and surprisingly, Peterson) are shredding all over this record. The only downfall of this album is that some songs sound like they are trying too hard to sound like Metallica. In particular, the title track and "Cold Embrace" have some very "new-Metallica" moments (I love new Metallica, but it doesn't fit this record). Still, "Dark Roots of Earth" is one of the best of 2012 and needs to be heard by every thrasher.

Highlights - "Native Blood," "True American Hate" and "Last Stand For Independence"

#6. Lich King - Born of the Bomb (Thrash Metal)
I have never come across a band who has improved so substantially on each album more than Lich King. I was introduced to the band by "Toxic Zombie Onslaught", which is an enjoyable record that is marred by poor production. 2010's "World Gone Dead" fixed the production and was an excellent thrash release by a promising band. "Born of the Bomb", however, is on a whole other level. The songwriting is still hilarious but is much more intense than it has ever been. The Agent Steel cover proved that Tom Martin is an even better singer than I had ever thought. Warning: not for those who are against fun in metal.

Highlights - "We Came To Conquer," "Wage Slave" and "Combat Mosh"

#5. Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (Heavy Metal)
Over the course of their last couple of CDs, Cauldron have really found a special sound. Their brand of hypnotic, solo-infused heavy metal has been occupying a lot of my time. "Tomorrow's Lost" is definitely an appropriate follow-up to "Burning Fortune" (though a bit weaker). The band has an amazing ability to take songs that could be quite boring (because they are mid-paced and don't have a ton of riffs), but turn them into really catchy tunes. If there is one band that I really struggle to describe, it would probably be Cauldron. With that said, if you like any form of simple heavy metal, this is for you.

Highlights - "Summoned To Succumb," "Burning Fortune" and "Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)"

#4. Cannibal Corpse - Torture (Death Metal)
Cannibal Corpse is by far the best death metal band around today. They are consistently releasing records that compete with their classic material and "Torture" is no exception. This is one of their heaviest albums and definitely has the most memorable songwriting that the band has ever provided. Erik Rutan did a killer job with the production and all of the band members stepped it up on "Torture". The best moment is definitely the killer bass solo on "The Strangulation Chair"! Overall, this record was beyond satisfying and an appropriate addition to Cannibal Corpse's great legacy.

Highlights - "Encased In Concrete," "As Deep As The Knife Will Go" and "The Strangulation Chair"

#3. Wintersun - Time I (Melodic Death Metal)
"Time I" was possibly the most hyped album of the year and I think it actually did manage to live up to the expectations. I like guitar riffs as much as the next guy, but if you go looking for them here, you will end up disappointed. This album is all about creating epic moods and atmospheres that bring you into a wintery time. This album is mainly driven by the opener, "Sons of Winter and Stars". It is by far the best song on the album (and the best song to come out this year). I would buy this album for this song alone, but if don't mind very produced albums with lots of keyboards, check out "Time I".

Highlights - "Sons of Winter and Stars" and "Time"

#2. Dragonforce - The Power Within (Power Metal)
It is no secret that Dragonforce is one of my favourite bands. They take everything that is great about power metal and make it just a little bit more extreme. I found their previous effort, "Ultra Beatdown", to be the only album of theirs that was not amazing, so I was skeptical about another new album (with a new singer too!). The good news is that Marc Hudson is a killer singer. It didn't hurt that Sam Totman rediscovered how to write brillant songs. The tracks are a bit more concise, but they still sound like Dragonforce. This is an absolute necessity for all fans of power metal.

Highlights - "Fallen World," "Give Me the Night," "Seasons" and "Heart of the Storm"

#1. Kreator - Phantom Antichrist (Thrash Metal)
I wasn't sure if 2009's "Hordes of Chaos" was an anomaly in Kreator's catalogue, or if it was the start of Kreator's dominance in the thrash metal scene. Although their last two records have not been stylistically different from "Violent Revolution" and "Enemy of God", they display by far the best songwriting of any thrash band in recent years. All of these songs are beyond infectious and the melodies are triumphant. If you don't own this, you are missing the best album of the year.

Highlights - "Phantom Antichrist," "From Flood Into Fire," "Civilization Collapse" and "The Few, The Proud, The Broken"

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lister's Top 20 Metal Albums of 2012 [Part 2]

The first part of this top 20 was dominated by death metal albums, and that's because this year has seen a respectable amount of worthwhile records, but this part of the list is a bit more varied. I cannot recommend enough that you pick up the albums that appear on either of these lists, but these ten albums are of the "must-have" category. Now we look forward to next year where I'm sure there will be plenty of quality releases that can be placed alongside the best of this year. Now let's get to the music!

#10. Ashencult - Black Flame Gnosis (Black Metal)
This album is easily the biggest surprise of the year. Ashencult came out of nowhere and delivered a debut album that completely exceeded any kind of expectations. This Philadelphia band didn't take the usual route and release a demo to showcase their sound, instead they released a full album in "Black Flame Gnosis," and it kills. This is black metal in the vein of the Swedish masters like Dissection, Sacramentum and the like, which means thrashy riffs and chilling melodies galore! Hit up Ashencult on their Bandcamp profile where you can get the album for free! 

Highlights - "A Glorious Elegy," "The Isolate" and "Race of the Blood Insane"

#9. Lich King - Born of the Bomb (Thrash)
I've been a big supporter of Lich King since their earlier days when they were pissing off black metal fans with their sarcastic wit, but not even I could of seen this coming. Their fourth full-length "Born of the Bomb" made the Bay Area style of thrash awesome again, with infectiously catchy riffs, kickass vocals and some terrific solos to top it all off. This is far from the same band who wrote "Necromantic Maelstrom" and even "Toxic Zombie Onslaught," this is a band that has nearly got the thrash song down to a proper science. Head on over to Stormspell Records and get one of the best thrash albums of the year!

Highlights - "We Came To Conquer," "In the End, Devastation" and "Axe Cop"

#8. Altar of Oblivion - Grand Gesture of Defiance (Epic Doom/Heavy Metal)
I don't really consider myself an aficionado of the doom metal genre, though I do enjoy a fair amount of it, and while I don't know every older band around, I know even fewer new ones who are worthwhile, but after listening to "Grand Gesture of Defiance," I've come to the conclusion that Altar of Oblivion just oozes of quality goodness. The sound on this record is a great mix of doom metal in the vein of Candlemass or Solitude Aeternus, and heavy metal that would make Altar of Oblivion's ancestors/fellow countrymen in Mercyful Fate proud. This is epic, gloomy and doomy metal at it's finest, so be sure to make Shadow Kingdom Records a destination so you can get your hands on this album! 

Highlights - "Graveyard of Broken Dreams," "In the Shadow of the Gallows" and "Sentenced in Absentia"

#7. Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (Heavy Metal)
Cauldron is another band that I've been following for a while and I couldn't have been more pleased with the band's third full-length "Tomorrow's Lost," which I believe is the band's best album yet. Cauldron has always had a doomy/melancholic vibe to their music, but they've managed to manifest it in the most memorable way on this album. The music ranges from faster paces, to doomy overtones, back to standard heavy metal fanfare courtesy of Angel Witch, Halloween and the like. Cauldron has proven to be one of the best bands from the Great White North, and that's a pretty big accomplishment given the amount of talent to have spawned from Canada, so get your ass to Earache Records and pick this awesome album up!

Highlights - "Summoned to Succumb," "Endless Ways" and "Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)"

#6. Hellbringer - Dominion of Darkness (Thrash)
It seemed as if thrash wasn't going to have such a prosperous year in 2012, but Australia's Hellbringer managed to make sure that at least one killer thrash album got out there. "Dominion of Darkness" sounds exactly the way you would expect it to sound after looking at the artwork and reading the album title - this is evil, wicked and fast thrash that is extremely catchy. A lot of bands can make evil sounding thrash with reverb-soaked vocals and fast riffs, but Hellbringer manage to make memorable music that possesses razor-sharp riffs, as well as a haunting atmosphere similar to groups like Infernal Majesty, Antichrist, Necrodeath, etc. High Roller Records would be the awesome label to hit up for this beast of an album! 

Highlights - "Dominion of Darkness," "Bell of the Antichrist" and "The Rites of Evil"

#5. Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre (Thrash)
Nekromantheon's sophomore full-length "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" actually shares a lot in common with the Hellbringer album that was ranked just below this one, but the only reason "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" got a higher ranking is that this record has been out since the very beginning of 2012 and still managed to stand out from the hundreds of albums that came after it. Not only is this album a lot better than the band's debut record, but it's better than most thrash albums that came out after 2000. The riffs, vocals, atmosphere and every other intangible make Nekromantheon's second album a must-have for thrash fans. Norway's Indie Recordings should be an ideal stop for you now.... Pick up this album! 

Highlights - "Embrace the Oracle," "Coven of the Minotaur" and "Rise, Vulcan Spectre"

#4. Trial - The Primordial Temple (Heavy Metal)
Anyone who's kept up with this zine, knows that I'm a huge fan of both the Swedish and Australian scenes. Sweden has produced arguably my favorite new band In Solitude, while Australia has been giving me new favorites to enjoy every year. Trial blends the best of both worlds, as they play a mysterious brand of heavy metal in the vein of their countrymen in In Solitude, Portrait, Ram, etc, but in no way would you confuse Trial for one of the others. They're also signed to the awesome Australian label The Coffins Slave, who simply knows how to pick the good ones. "The Primordial Temple" is a monolith of mystery, beauty and darkness that will (hopefully) get Trial the attention they deserve. You're gonna need to go down under and contact The Coffins Slave for this absolute gem of an album, so don't sit on it! 

Highlights - "The Primordial Temple," "The Sorceress' Command" and "Phosphoros"

#3. Horrendous - The Chills (Death Metal)
I was lucky enough to receive an advance promo for this album at the end of 2011 and this record has found its way into a regular rotation since. I haven't had this much hope for a newer band in a while, but I have nothing but high hopes for this amazing, young band. It's not just that Horrendous is an American band (though, that definitely helps), but the brand of death metal that is played on "The Chills" is just such a refreshing sound. It's nothing new or innovative, just real, raw and instantly memorable. If it wasn't for the record ranked above this one, "The Chills" would easily be the debut album of the year, but being able to release a full-length this good on your first try is unbelievable. This is an album for fans of all death metal as it captures bits and pieces of many of the terrific bands of old we've all come to love. Dark Descent Records is known for bolstering a roster full of awesome death metal acts, but Horrendous is an absolutely brilliant find and I can't recommend enough that you get "The Chills" immediately. 

Highlights - "Ripped to Shreds," "Fleshrot" and "The Ritual"

#2. Mongrel's Cross - The Sins of Aquarius (Black/Thrash)
To the surprise of nobody, a band from Australia is in one of the top spots on this list. Mongrel's Cross have delivered a violent, twisted and epic record in "The Sins of Aquarius," and I find it hard to believe that this album leaves any kind of rotation of mine anytime soon. The one thing that truly separates Mongrel's Cross from so many other bands playing the black/thrash subgenre, is this band's ability to conjure amazing riff after amazing riff. The structuring of the songs is another aspect of the music that separates the music on "The Sins of Aquarius" from the hordes of other pretenders. I need to cut myself off before this turns into a whole other review of the album, but take my word for it, you NEED this album. Once again, to the surprise of nobody, this album is also available on arguably the best record label going today in Hell's Headbangers, so pick it up! 

Highlights - "The Sins of Aquarius," "Lead Them From the Promised Land" and "Revelations Transpire"

#1. Necrovation - Necrovation (Death Metal)
It's like clockwork; a band from Australia gets the number two spot, while another phenomenal band from Sweden grabs the top spot. This album completely blew me away from first listen, and it's incredible to see how much Necrovation has grown. Their debut album was nothing more than derivative Swedeath worship, but their sophomore self-titled is a twisted, dark and insane ride that you'll want to ride over and over again. The eerie melodies, morbid riffs and repulsive vocals all contribute to one of the best death metal albums I've heard since Tribulation's "The Horror," and it wouldn't surprise me to see this album considered a future classic by those fortunate enough to experience the horrific waves crashing into them repeatedly. Agonia Records are the masterminds who signed these guys, so throw your money at them and get this masterpiece! 

Highlights - "Necrovorous Insurrection," "Pulse of Towering Madness" and "Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lister's Top 20 Metal Albums of 2012 [Part 1]

Well, the year 2012 is just about over and there have been so many great releases this year (and even more shitty releases, unfortunately). Some of the albums that I had anticipated this year were just as good as I thought they would be, and there were also plenty of pleasant surprises, but overall, this was a very productive year for metal bands that's lead me to find some new bands I can call favorites, as well as given me some new albums that I can enjoy for years to come. There were so many good releases this year that I couldn't go with the traditional top 10, but 20, and still I feel like I left off a lot of bands. Here are the records that fill the 11th through 20th spots, and the other ten will be revealed in a separate post. 

#20. Resurgency - False Enlightenment (Death Metal)
This was an album that I was looking forward to, especially after I heard the very awesome split they were apart of in 2011. Fast-forward a year, and Resurgency has delivered a violent death metal album that should please fans of other destructive groups like the legendary Vader, amongst other great acts from the past that can be traced in these Greek metallers' sound like Bolt Thrower, Incantation, Entombed and others. Overall, this is a terrific album that doesn't pidgeonhole the band into a single sound and can please many fans of ruthless and aggressive music. Be sure to hit up the awesome Hellthrasher Productions and pick this one up!

Highlights - "Dark Revival," "False Enlightenment" and "Psychosis"

#19. Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis (Black/Death Metal)
Pseudogod's debut full-length "Deathwomb Catechesis" is one of those surprise albums that took me in and proceeded to fracture my skull. Despite their numerous splits and demos, I was unaware of this Russian death brigade and their Angelcorpse-like assault, but am I glad that I looked into this album. These guys play a brand of music that's very easy to be entirely forgettable in, but these guys capture the insane brutality of bands like Blasphemy and the others that came before them. If you enjoy crude and blasphemous metal that doesn't suck, pick this album up from Kvlt records! 

Highlights - "Vehement Decimation," "Malignant Spears" and "Azazel"

#18. Asphyx - Deathhammer (Death Metal)
Asphyx is a band that needs no introduction, as they've been killing it since the early nineties with their brand of doomy death metal. It's always nice to see an older band release quality material years after their formation, and while "Deathhammer" is no "Last One On Earth," I can't imagine too many people who enjoyed that ancient classic not enjoying this monolithic record. Head on over to Century Media and get one of the heaviest albums of the year! 

Highlights - "Deathhammer," "Der Landser" and "As the Magma Mammoth Rises"

#17. Deathhammer - Onward to the Pits (Thrash)
Thrash doesn't get much more archaic sounding in 2012 than it does on "Onward to the Pits," Deathhammer's second full-length. Sure, there are definitely some bands out there who play music that's incredibly old-school sounding, but this Norwegian duo makes quality music, as opposed to noisy "kvlt" crap. If you like your thrash to sound evil in the vein of masterful acts like Venom, Bathory or (early) Sodom, then this is a must-get album, so hurry your ass to Hell's Headbangers before it's gone!

Highlights - "Voodoo Rites," "Emperor of Sin" and "Final Black Mass"

#16. Ataraxy - Revelations of the Ethereal (Death Metal)
Here's another newer band that I had no knowledge of until this year. Just that bad ass cover art alone would make me want to check Ataraxy out, and the music does indeed live up to the insane landscape. These Spaniards play a brand of dark and evil death metal that would make Convulse and Sentenced proud. It also helps that the singer is a dead-ringer for Martin Van Drunen (pardon my fanboy tendencies). This is death metal that is not for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy music that is drenched in pure evil. You can get this awesome album from Memento Mori Records, but don't sleep on it, because you will regret missing out on the brilliance of "Revelations of the Ethereal."

Highlights - "Ethereal Slumber," "Demons of the Storm" and "Under Veiled Skies"

#15. Escarnium - Excruciating Existence (Death Metal)
The Incantation worship that seems to almost be a (tired) trend in death metal circles these days is pretty tiring, but then there are bands like Escarnium, who definitely don't mind going to "Onward to Golgotha" for inspiration, while also incorporating groovy destruction a la Bolt Thrower and more midpaced violence akin to Grave. This album will suck you in with it's dark and brooding atmosphere while simultaneously pummeling you to dust. Once again, I refer you to the great Hellthrasher Productions to obtain the awesomeness that is "Excruciating Existence."

Highlights - "Salvation Through Zyklon-B," "Self Proclaimed Messiah" and "Slaves of an Ending Fate"

#14. Weapon - Embers and Revelations (Death/Black Metal)
Weapon is a band that I only became familiar with sometime earlier this year, but they immediately clicked with me. These guys play a brand of twisted and dark death metal in the vein of groups like Morbid Angel and Absu, with some black metal tendencies inspired by the likes of Watain and Beherit. These Canadians have a sound that they can definitely call their own as each of their albums have been different, yet entirely killer. I can't wait for what they do next because it will be awesome. You can find this gem on Relapse Records, so snatch it up ASAP. 

Highlights - "The First Witnesses of Lucifer," "Vanguard of the Morning Star" and "Liber Lilith"

#13. Degial - Death's Striking Wings (Death Metal)
I know what you're thinking - "Another death metal band from Sweden?" Yes, but these guys aren't a subpar Dismember clone, in fact, they're far from it. These guys bring an evil assault that features incredibly thrashy riffs, sinister melodies inspired by the Swedish black metal scene and a pummeling intensity that would make the wargods in Angelcorpse and Impiety proud. This is a perfect album for those who need an alternative to the d-beat riddled Entombed worship, or for any death metal fan to be honest. Be sure to make Sepulchral Voice Records a designated visit and pick this album up! 

#12. Ignivomous - Contragenesis (Death Metal)
Surprisingly, this is Australia's first appearance on this list and what a monstrous record this one is. Ignivomous' sophomore full-length "Contragenesis" is absolutely devastating. It's heavy, fast and made for raising hell, as the songs on this album are an amazing combination of Immolation and Incantation-esque evil, Bolt Thrower grooving and sheer brutality akin to Order From Chaos and the like. Australia continues to pump out the awesome and with bands like Ignivomous producing nothing but stellar music, the country down under will continue to be one of the premier countries, if not THE premier country in today's metal underground. You can locate this beast of an album at the very awesome Nuclear War Now! label and proceed to headbang yourself silly. 

Highlights - "Monumental Cosmic Transgression," "Contragenesis" and "The Final Cadence to Bloodshed"

#11. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life (Metalpunk, Death Metal/Crust Punk)
This record is the equivalent to getting a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. These guys bring a chilling edge to their music courtesy of their death metal influences, but with an unbridled energy that could destroy music venues around the world. Black Breath capture the perfect amount of heaviness, speed and darkness with their death metal/crust hybrid and "Sentenced to Life" is a memorable, yet incredibly violent assault worth experiencing over and over again because of their skills. Southern Lord would be the label to contact for this savage record! 

Highlights - "Sentenced to Life," "Home of the Grave" and "Mother Abyss" 

Keep a look out for the top 10 records of 2012 to be posted soon!