Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Destruction - Day of Reckoning Review

Let me just start by saying that I have been a fan of Destruction's modern albums since they released The Antichrist but it seems like with every new album they get worse. This album features plenty of double bass work to the tempo up and the heaviness present thanks to new drummer, Vaaver. It also features a ton of solos thanks to Mike, but also a guest guitarist from modern thrashers Evile, Ol' Drake. However all of these solos and pummeling drumming were not enough to make this album anything memorable. Anyway let's review this thing!

The Price - First up is The Price. The song opens with that signature Schmier scream and a shredding solo and then we're into the riffs and the good stuff. There are some nice riffs and solos throughout the song and a catchy chorus which is a plus, not to mention a pretty cool breakdown. A great way to kick off the album. 3.6/5.

Hate is My Fuel - This next song is nothing like the one before it. This track is full of boring riffs and uninspired music in general. Nothing really catchy, just basically being heavy for the sake of being heavy. there is however a nice breakdown and melodic solo part, but not enough to save the mediocrity of this song. 3.0/5.

Armageddonizer - A generic title for a generic song. This song continues the heavy trend but also continues the boring, uncatchy trend. Schmier experiments with the vocals a bit here and even has a minor bass solo but the song tends to follow a similar pattern as the one before it. 3.0/5.

Devil's Advocate - Now this is what I'm talking about. This song is easily the best off of the album and for the simple reason that it's catchy and fun. It opens with a catchy riff and then goes into a crazy ass riff that is what we've come to expect of good old Mike. It's also filled to the brim with great solos that fit the song just right and push it over the top. 4.4./5.

Day of Reckoning - Now we have the title track. This is one of the better songs off of the album but not as good as the preceding track. It features some cool solos and heavy riffs and remains better than the average tracks before it. 3.6/5.

Sorcerer of Black Magic - I did not like this song at all. This song seemed to focus more on the vocals than the riffs and it wasn't very catchy in the least bit. 2.5/5.

The next 5 songs all suffered from the same boring and uninspired music which drug this album down the drain. They all get 2.7/5.

This was one of the new relases that I was looking forward to but Destruction did not come through. The band that released classics like Infernal Overkill and Eternal Devestation was nowhere to be found on this record which made it very mediocre and honestly, just about any modern thrash band could've wrote this.
Final rating - 2.88/5 or 58%.
Well until next time peace.

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