Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intruder Higher Form of Killing Review

I'm back with another review, however I will not be reviewing a newer album as I have recently. Today I will be reviewing an album that I was recommended by an internet buddy, this album of course is Intruder's "Higher Form of Killing." To be honest I wasn't looking forward to this because I had listened to Intruder in the past and didn't find anything all that good but I didn't listen to this monster of an album, and I'm glad that I gave it a chance. Anyway, it's time for the review!

(I'm only rating the actual songs on the album, I'll be omitting the cover song and the two tracks that are just dialogue parts).

The Martyr - The first track on this album, "The Martyr" is a great way to kick off the album. This song is loaded with some great riffs, brilliant tempo changes, and solos out of your arse. The vocals are also great on this track, the singer Jimmy Hamilton could possibly be the lovechild of Tom Araya and Russ Anderson, which is definitely a good combination for a thrash singer. An amazing song to kick off an album? Yes sir, I'll take that anyday. 5/5.

Genectic Genocide - A very nice intro to kcik off the song then it fires into a some fast thrashy goodness. There's a lot of vocal variation on this track and an awesome heavy break midway through the song. It (like all of the other tracks on this album) features some very talented solos. 4.5/5.

Second Chance - One of the more different tracks on this record as it features a clean intro with a lot of melody and some actual "singing." It then turns into a straightforward thrash song that doesn't relent much after that. 4.5/5.

Killing Winds - A kickass drum beat to go along with the heavy chords opens this track and then it gradually gets faster and catchier. The chorus is very memorable and was stuck in my head for quite a while after listening to this album. This song has some AMAZING guitar work when it comes to the solos. This is probably the best song on the entire album. 5/5.

The Sentence is Death - This is probably the darkest song off of the album, from the riffs to the intro, it just has a dark atmosphere. There's also a really cool Kreator-like break midway through the song and the recurring pattern of awesome solos continues on this track. 4.5/5.

Agents of the Dark (M.I.B.) - This song had me headbanging from the get-go. It's got a really catchy chorus, fantastic riffs and of course brilliant solos. 5/5.

Mr. Death - This is probably the funnest track on the record. Very quick and very catchy, what a great mix! It's got a nice break and more SOLOS! A very good way to end the album. 5/5.

So... for my final judgment, I completely regret not giving Intruder another chance sooner, as this is honestly one of the best Thrash albums I've ever heard. It features great vocals, riffs, solos and all around great songwriting in general. What's not to love?! This is definitely an underrated piece of metal that needs more recognition, so if you're reading this and you haven't heard it yet... GO LISTEN TO IT! So, that ends this post for today and until next time peace.

Final Rating - 4.8/5 or 96%.

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