Sunday, March 27, 2011

Interview with Michael Stutzer of ARTILLERY!

Recently I reviewed Artillery's latest offering "My Blood" and I thoroughly enjoyed the album. I've always been a huge fan of Artillery and I worship the masterpiece that is "By Inheritance." Anyway, I got in touch with one of the founding members of Artillery, Michael Stutzer, and had the pleasure of interviewing him. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

SFM - I figured we would start this interview by talking about the new Artillery album "My Blood." How has the feedback for this album been thus far?

Michael - people who think you should have done this or that instead. But as a band we are satisfied!

SFM -I know I definitely enjoyed it and many others who enjoyed it as well, so you guys definitely accomplished that task! Who wrote the lyrics for this record? Did everyone contribute to the lyrics or was it mainly done by just one person?

Michael - The lyrics were done by Søren but we all came up with ideas for subjects etc!

SFM - Are there any plans to tour in support of this album in 2011? Possibly some shows in the United States?

Michael - There are a lot of plans right now and we will work hard to come to the US this time. So I hope we can do it!

SFM - I hope you guys can find a way to make it over here, I would love to see you guys play. Now looking back, it's already been 21 years since Artilllery released the absolute classic album that is "By Inheritance." Even after all of these years it is still cherished around the metal community and heralded as one of thrash's premier releases. How does it feel to know that something you wrote over 20 years ago is still relevant and great today?

Michael - It´s a great honor that people still remember this album and i think My blood is closer to By Inherritance that When Death Comes was! I hope people can hear this!

SFM - There are definitely some elements of By Inheritance, especially in those unique riffs that you're famous for! How has it been to play in a band and tour the world over for the past 29 years with your brother by your side? Would the experience had been different if it was just some random person who auditioned to be in the band and got the spot?

Michael - Yeah maybe its hard to say but we have a good releationship and most of the time we can agree on things.

SFM - How has Soren Adamsen been doing since joining the band? Filling the shoes of someone like Flemming is not an easy thing to do by any means, but he has done a fantastic job thus far.

Michael - Søren is not only a great singer but also a good friend and with him we can tour a lot more than we used to do!
SFM - That's definitely a plus. I recently spoke with Soren Crawack of Denmark's Impalers and he claims you guys have been really helpful with them. Do you have any words of wisdom for other young bands out there?

Michael - Work hard. Try to be original and keep your feet on the ground! Play live as much as you can and be yourself!

SFM - I'd like to thank you for your time and letting me interview you. Do you have any words for your fans?

Michael - Thanks for giving us all that fun to play for you and hope to see you soon on the road! Cheers!

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