Saturday, March 26, 2011

Onslaught - Sounds of Violence

Wow... I did not expect this album to sound the way that it sounded, hence the reason this review is being labeled HOLY SHIT... part II. This album isn't as good as Onslaught's masterful "The Force" but it is fantastic nonetheless and I think it's Onslaught's second best effort. (Awaits for the severe disagreement). This album is dark, heavy, and fast, and how an album by an older thrash band should write their music. This album is definitely a good contender for the best 21st century thrash album by an 80's band, with it's only real competition being Destruction's The Antichrist and Sodom's M-16. Anyway, enough of the mushy talk, let's review this beast.

Born for War - We open up this album with the track "Born for War." Nothing really special about the title but when that heavy intro opens up the album and turns into a nice thrashy tune it doesn't matter one bit. This song's got cool riffs, vocals, drumming and all around a great song. A very nice way to open the album. 5/5.

The Sound of Violence - The title track of this album features some of that dark atmosphere I was talking about. It's heavy and got some solid riffs and solos. Another great song. 4.5/5.

Code Black - Another dark/heavy intro. This song continues the similar trend as the songs before it but not quite as good as the first two, but still quite good. 4/5.

Rest in Pieces - A cool drum intro that flies into a thrashy riff and the song continues to pummel the listener throughout. There isn't really much to talk about song wise, it's just a really nice thrasher. 4.5/5.

Godhead - This track opens with a weird kind of riff with a small solo that goes over it and then it gets into a nice verse followed by the bridge into a decent chorus. There's a nice dark melody and a breakdown that follow all of this that make a very solid song overall. 4/5.

Hatebox - I honestly laughed at this title because it sounded like some kind of gothic toy, but don't let the name fool you, this is probably the best song off of the album. It had me headbanging throughout and utilized tempo changes very well. 5/5.

Antitheist - A nice dark intro that is followed up by a lot of heaviness and catchy vocal parts. Another really well written song from the English metallers. 4.5/5.

Suicideology - This song opens with a pretty cool melody that fires into a ripping thrash riff and continues it's awesomeness throughout. A very nice way to end the album. 4.5/5.

There wasn't a bad track on this album nor was there just an average track. This album reminded me of modern Sodom... but better. I realize I was a little late reviewing this album but better late than never right? So far 2011 has been pretty good to us metal fans with only one bad release, a few really solid albums, and two fantastic albums those being Havok's "Time is Up" and this album. Anyway I enjoyed this album and I hope you guys all enjoy and until next time peace.

Final rating - 4.5/5 or 90%.