Saturday, March 19, 2011

Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever Review

Children of Bodom are one of my and always have been favorite bands, one of my gateway metal bands along with Iron Maiden, Metallica and Exodus. However I was very disappointed with their last outing, that album being the failure that was Blooddrunk. I was still very optimistic about this album (despite the shitty title) and the album delivered. It's full of melody, heaviness and plenty of solos from both the guitarists and the keyboards. Now for the review...

Not My Funeral - This song opens with a nice riff and then the pace picks up with a pretty catchy riff. This song's got plenty of melody, and some guitar/keyboard collaboration for relatively maximum awesome. Very solid track to open the album. 4.0/5.

Shovel Knockout - A very nice bass riff to open and then it flies into a fast ass thrash riff. And after all of this thrashiness in comes the melody and some more guitar/keyboard awesomeness. Another solid track. 4.0/5.

Roundtrip to hell and Back - A pretty good song here, not as good as the ones before it but good nonetheless. One of the slower songs that features some gang vocals and a heavy ass chorus. 3.5/5.

Pussyfoot Miss Suicide - Easily the worst track off of the album. Very boring and nothing special whatsoever. 2.7/5.

Relentless Reckless Forever - And now the title track. It opens up very heavily and then you get that twin guitar attack from Laiho and Latvala. This track however is just a bit better than your average track and tends to follow the same pattern as other songs on this album. 3.3/5.

Ugly - One of the fastest tracks on the record, this song opens with a fast thrash riff and utilizes some fantastic tempo changes and solos. 4.0/5.

Cry of the Nihilist - Probably the best track off of the album (although Northpole Throwdown gives it a good run for it's money). A very awesome riff to open the track and it even has a catchy bridge/chorus and great drumming. Also harmony solos! A fantastic song. 4.5/5.

Was it Worth it? - The first track that COB released before the album, but it's just an average song with nothing really special about it. 3.0/5.

Northpole Throwdown - This is just a total fun track and a great way to close the record. Some heavy thrash riffs, with a badass chorus and cool solos. 4.5/5.

Children of Bodom definitely did better on this outing than they did on Blooddrunk and hopefully they can continue to impress. The only complaint I have for this album was the vocals were too low in the mix, and if it had better production there, it probably would've had an overall better sound. Well until next time peace.

Final rating - 3.7/5 or 74%.

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