Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Awesome Death/Thrash Recs...

Sorry about not posting much recently but I've been pretty busy lately and I'm still busy. I've got a few interviews that have been booked but the only problem is waiting for the people to get back to me. So to get you all through I'm here to enlighten you all with some awesome tracks from some awesome bands of the awesomeness that is death/thrash. Look for the next post to feature either an awesome interview or a random album review.

First up we have the Rhode Island thrashers, Ritual Sacrifice. A very underrated band, that put out an amazing demo know as "The Inhuman Race." Check out the track below and prepare to headbang.

Next up we have a newer band from the home of thrash in the Bay Area... Laceration. If you're a fan of Demolition Hammer or Warbringer, you'll love Laceration and if you don't believe me just check out the track below.

This band is a bit more well known than the one's previously mentioned however they remain severely underrated and undiscovered by many so I bring you the pure kickass-ness that is MERCILESS.

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