Friday, March 25, 2011

Havok - Time Is Up

First of all the reason for the "HOLY SHIT" remark in the title is because this album is downright amazing. Havok is not fucking around and they proved it with this record. I remember listening to "Burn" when it came out and I remember liking a few songs but the rest was just meh, but this album is the complete opposite. They improved everywhere. There's more intensity, heavier and faster riffs, better solos and harmonies, and better songwriting overall. This album completely shits all over Burn and should be in the same ranks as Warbringer's masterpiece "Waking into Nightmares" and Violator's "Chemical Assault." Anywho... It's review time, and apparently Time is Up! (I apologize for that terrible joke).

Prepare for Attack - How do you kick off a thrash album? Like this, badass drum intro with heavy guitars, then you get into the really thrashy stuff. This song has some fantastic transitions and solos to go with the great riffs. Very solid song indeed. 4.5/5.

Fatal Intervention - This song opens up with a very cool riff and then flies into another thrash riff which becomes the verse. There are some nice harmonies present again and a sweet breakdown. Another solid song. 4.5/5.

No Amnesty - Next up is No Amnesty. This song rages from the beginning and does not stop. it's heavy and fast and extremely catchy. 5/5.

D.O.A. - A cool melodic solo/harmony intro to change things up a bit and then it gets into a melodic thrash riff similar to something by HeXeN. The most melodic song on the album but it eventually turns into a full-on mosher halfway through and hits you like a brick across the face. 5/5.

Covering Fire - A straightforward thrash song with catchy riffs, a nice breakdown and great guitar work. 4.0/5.

Killing Tendencies - Probably the heaviest track on this album. It's got a heavy verse, some nice transitions from the verse to the chorus, a cool breakdown, and some great harmonies/melodies. 5/5.

Scumbag in Disguise - Unlike the preceding track this is probably the most technical track (when it comes to the riffs). Some catchy technical riffs that are thrown over the top with the insane drumming on this track. It also features the most unique solo on the record as it pertains more to rock than metal. A fantastic song yet again from the Colorado thrashers. 5/5.

The Cleric - Now it's time for the darkest track on the album. it's got a nice intro riff with a dark kind of melody to go with it. There's some heavy riffs with some more darkish melodies and some brilliant tempo changes. 5/5.

Out of My Way - Nothing too overly special here, but it remains a pretty cool straightforward thrasher that just hits you with fast riffs and pummeling drum tracks. 4.0/5.

Time is Up - And we end the album with the title track. A nice intro featuring the drums and bass only to soon welcome the guitar as it gradually builds up to the eventual thrash riff and a nice little bass noodle (similar to the infamous one of Megadeth's "Take No Prisoners). Overall a really good song. 4.0/5.

Well I'm now officially jumping on the "Havok is awesome" bandwagon. I originally wrote them off as another typical retro-thrash band being lost in the heap of others but "Time is Up" completely changed that for me, and if you were in a similar predicament as I was, I urge you... NO... I'm demanding you check this album out because it will DESTROY YOU.

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Final rating - 4.6/5 or 92%.