Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising Review

Amon Amarth has once again delivered with "Surtur Rising", the followup to the magnificent "Twilight of the Thundergod" and I just couldn't wait for the release date of March 29th to listen to this beast (However I will still purchase the album). Amon Amarth has a special quality about them that few bands have, which is retaining their own sound. Anytime one of their songs play, I immediately know it's them, and it's amazing how they do this. Every album they've released is fantastic yet they never really change anything or evolve. They remain Amon Amarth and they remain awesome. Now time to review this beast!

War of the Gods - This was the first track released by the band to promote the album and they made a good choice because it is one of the best tracks on the album. It features good tempo changes, catchy riffs, great vocals and even has a pretty cool solo. A great way to kick off the album. 4.5/5.

Tock's Taunt - Lokes Treachery Part II - The followup to Hermod's Ride to Hell and the much anticipated sequel to the Lokes Treachery saga. This song features some really nice clean guitar parts but also some really heavy parts and more than enough melody to make a near perfect mix. 4.0/5.

Destroyer of the Universe - A great fast opening to the song with some more heaviness to follow as well as some stellar melodic pieces/solos. 4.0/5.

Slaves of Fear - Another track that was released to promote the album and it was a good choice too because it is the best track off of the album, and overall one of their best tracks in general. It doesn't follow the typical lyrical themes of Norse Mythology but of religious lies that make slaves out of their followers. The main riff is very reminiscent of "Holy Diver" which was what actually influenced the riff for the song. 5.0/5.

Live Without Regrets - A nice DM style riff to open the song and a good mixture of heavy riffing and melody that follows. There's a nice melodic break and it ends with some more melody. Definitely one of the most melodic tracks on the record. 3.5/5.

The Last Stand of Frej - This was probably my least favorite track on the album. It just didn't really grab me at all. 3.0/5.

For Victory or Death - A very heavy intro that goes into some melodic guitar parts and variates between the melody and heaviness featured here. There's a pretty catchy chorus and a cool solo as well. 3.5/5.

Wrath of the Norsemen - One of the better tracks on the album. It's plenty heavy and melodic just like the tracks before it and a very nice chorus. Overall a great track. 4.0/5.

A Beast I Am - This song was a bit better than your average AA song and it featured something that's relatively different for them which was the clean outro at the end. 3.5/5.

Doom Over Dead Man - A very good way to close the record. It features some violins(?) for added epic effect in the intro and even has some nice thrash-like riffs midway through the song and ends with some nice melody. 4.0/5.

Overall another great outing from the Scandinavian Metallers Amon Amarth and the best metal album of 2011 so far. After hearing this I really can't wait to see them live when they perform their special 2 part set.

Final Rating - 4/5 or 80%.

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