Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Assassin - Breaking the Silence Review

Old school German thrashers, Assassin have returned with their newest output, "Breaking the Silence." Now this album isn't "The Upcoming Terror" or "Interstellar Experience" nor is it as good as Heathen's "Breaking the Silence," but nonetheless they managed to put out a quality record. Although a lot of the songs follow the same structure of fitting in a bunch of solos, thrashy riffs, and heavy breaks, they all manage to flow well and remain catchy without boring the listener to death. Anyway let's get to the good stuff.

Breaking the Silence - This is a fantastic way to open up the new album, as it starts with a cool ass wah wah solo accompanied by crushing riffs and drumming that create the heavy intro and then it's into a nice riff. This song has some pretty good gang vocals and some catchy, thrashy riffs. Overall a great way to kick off the album, and a very solid song. 4.0/5.

Raise in the Dark - This song is much more groovy than the preceding one as well as the rest of tracks on the album, but a little groove isn't that bad is it? No it's not because this track is plenty awesome. Another solid track. 3.5/5.

Judas - This track's got a heavy intro and has some rather familiar riffs but it still retains that awesome Assassin sound. 3.5/5.

Turf War - The best parts of this track are definitely the intro and the outro. It begins with a good thrashy riff, has plenty of minor breaks, and then the second half of the song picks up and ends with a heavy outro and some smaller bass solos. 3.5/5.

Destroy the State - This is definitely one of the better songs on the album. It's filled with thrashy riffs, heavy riffs, breaks, and great solos, not to mention it's catchy! 4.0/5.

No Fear - Another above average song that follows a similar pattern as the other ones with the gang vocals, heavy breaks and solos but it also follows the most important trend of remaining catchy and not boring the listener. 4.0/5.

Kill or be Killed - This is one of the worst tracks on the album as it's just pretty generic from the riffs to the title. 3.0/5.

Real Friends - Another strong song from this album that features an outstanding bridge riff and a catchy chorus. Accompanying all of this are some great solos and a heavy outro. 4.0/5.

Strike Back - Pretty much the same problems as Kill or be Killed. 3.0/5.

I Like Cola - Now this is definitely a great way to end the album and is my favorite track. A song that's not serious at all but really fun. The riffs are very upbeat and happy (in the vein of Sodom's Ausgebombt) and is really silly like their song Junk Food from Interstellar Experience. 4.5/5.

Assassin put their best foot forward in making this album and I would say that they did a pretty damn good job of it. They blew their German comrades, Destruction out of the water with this new release, by doing the one thing that the "Day of Reckoning" severely lacked and that was being catchy and interesting.

Final rating - 3.7/5 or 74%.

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