Saturday, February 27, 2016

Frenzy – Lethal Protector

Frenzy is a Spanish heavy metal 5-piece group with a unique slant: they love comic books and it shows in their lyrical themes and imagery. Self-dubbing their music “frenetic metal” is pretty accurate because this is some charged-up, often high-speed heavy metal. As you might imagine, all of these elements mean that “Lethal Protector” is just a lot of fun. Not taking itself too seriously, this is an EP filled with wicked gang vocals (see the title track and “Change To Green” for the best examples), fantastic guitar work, a competent rhythm section, and a singer who is up there with the best of them.

The band’s vocalist is probably the true draw to their music. To sum him up in a word, he’s charismatic. Put simply, his voice has a very unique energy to it that is easy to latch on to. If wailers like Jackie Slaughter (Skull Fist) and Olof Wilkstrand (Enforcer) are among your favourites, Frenzy’s Anthony Stephen is going to appeal to you. He has a bit more grit in his approach and less of a tendency to aim for the highest notes in human history, but it works. 

The songs on “Lethal Protector” are all fantastic. There’s a Racer X cover, but you wouldn’t even know it because the other 4 songs deliver similar, high-quality heavy metal. “Ride To Be Free” is a pure speed metal anthem, while “Change to Green” and “Sin City Calls” are not quite as speedy, but still upbeat. Both have choruses that show the versatility and skill of Anthony Stephen’s vocal approach. And then there’s the title track, which is quite likely the catchiest song on a very memorable record. There isn’t too much more to say about this EP because it takes a relatively established formula and executes it flawlessly. It’s difficult to see a situation where a heavy metal fan does not find something to love about “Lethal Protector”.

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"Lethal Protector"
"Change To Green"

Final Rating
4.5/5 or 90%. 

Written by Scott

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