Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Terrorist - Demo Review... "Terrorist Terrorize Again"

Here is the first review for this site to be done by Chris Butera. He's a very talented writer and an avid metal fan, so he'll be contributing every now and then. His first review will be on Terrorist, a band who plays some wicked good black/thrash. Be sure to check them out on Facebook! (Link at the bottom).

There are bands that claim to be evil and dark, and then there's Terrorist. This black-thrash band from El Paso, Texas is truly a cut above the rest. They have one album out entitled “Blessed By the Beast” and a new Demo called “And Then Life Was Death” filled with the hellfire and fury that will cut your ears off and feed them to the three headed dogs of hell. They have been independantly touring with fellow Texans, Insinnerator for quite some time now and their name is becoming pretty known in the underground.

The new demo is filled with the raw intensity of Hellhammer with the morbid power of Malevolent Creation. The opener “Sadistic Necrophile” has a really groovy bassline worthy of early Morbid Angel and Freddy Terrorizer delivers haunting shrieks throughout the track.

Metal Till Death” has the anger of early Emperor and Mayhem and an awesome intensity by their guitarist “Alien”. The driving force of the track is the pounding drums of “Void”. A great tune with horns in the air and heads banging everywhere.

Decimate the Inferior God” is probably the best song on the demo as it has the fury and force of Kreator's “Pleasure to Kill.” It is driven by the anger of the band as a whole and truly showcases their talents at their finest. A huge nod to Nile and Sacrcofago on the main riff. Venom would be Proud.

The demo ends with the speedy title track. Freddy's vocals are spot on as well as Voids lethal drumming and Aliens speedy guitarwork. A great solo section fills this one nicely. It sounds like a bonus track from Death's classic album “Scream Bloody Gore.” There is also a big presence of Obituary here in the grooves.

Terrorist's new demo shows a great deal of skill from this three piece from El Paso. The raw quality is incredibly brutal and helps the band gain a signiture sound. The attack delivered is powerful and crushing with every riff. Terrorist knows what they want and they know how to get it. If their next album sounds anything like this, they might wake the beast they love so much.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Terrorist/164218303639409 - Terrorist Facebook

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