Monday, August 1, 2011

Interview with Kevin of Hellcannon!

So last night I wrote up a review for Hellcannon's debut album, Infected With Violence, and today I wake up to find this interview magically show up in my mailbox. I talked with Kevin about the album, influences, tour plans, a new album, etc. Here's what went down. 

SFM - For the readers who may have never heard your music, can you give any background information about the band? How long have you been out? How many releases do you have?

Kevin - We're a metal band from Buffalo, NY, and we've been around for about three years. So far we have two releases, the "Raiders of the Waste EP" and our first full length "Infected with Violence" released on Butchered Records.

SFM - Now, who are the main influences when it comes to writing for Hellcannon?

Kevin - Between the four of us, there's a lot of diversity in our influences. We all take a lot of influence from bands like Death, Carcass, and Slayer. But we're always listening to stuff old and new to find inspiration.

SFM - I can definitely hear those influences in your music, and that is indeed a great mix of bands. Now onto the new, are you a fan of any newer metal bands? If so who?

Kevin - Definitely. There's a lot of killer new bands right now, we really dig Warbringer, Revocation, Havok, Saviours, Vektor, and Razormaze. This is a really good time for metal music.

SFM - You hit the nail right on the head about all the good bands! What is the scene like over in Buffalo? 

Kevin - The scene is killer. The Death Metal roots in Buffalo are still thriving. Bands like Seplophile, Vile Vindiction, and Grave Descent are still keeping it alive. When we first started playing shows a few years ago, we were playing with hardcore and punk bands- but since then the scene has grown a lot and there's a lot of awesome metal bands locally.

SFM - Awesome, I just got a demo from that band Seplophile that I need to look into. Hellcannon released their first full length album, Infected With Violence at the end of last year. How have your fans received the album? Do you feel that you accomplished what you wanted with this record?

Kevin - Our fans have been really awesome, we've got a lot of support with this album, and people seem to be enjoying, so thats good enough for us. The goal was to make a fast, heavy, and evil sounding album, I'd say we nailed it.

SFM - I would say that you nailed it too! Are you guys planning on releasing another full length anytime soon? If so, can we expect any changes from the last record, possibly something you guys haven't tried yet?

Kevin - We're just finishing up writing for another EP. We just want to record and get some songs out there before doing another full-length. Also, we have a new drummer, Bryant, who is a beast and fits our style very well. These new songs are definitely a departure from the last album, don't expect "Raiders 2" but its still gonna be fast, heavy, and evil.  

SFM - Awesome, I am definitely looking forward to that. Do you have any plans to play shows outside of New York this year?

Kevin - We're playing a lot more shows out of New York this year. We'll be in Brooklyn and New Jersey October 7th and 8th playing with Deceased, and Possessor among a few others. A lot more will be announced soon, so if you live in the East, prepare yourselves. 

SFM - That sounds like it's going to be a great time. Speaking of playing live, what are your favorite Hellcannon songs to play live, and which tend to go over the best with the live crowd?

Kevin - A new song called "Scourge and Devour" has been killer to play live. "Chainsaw Ripping Death" is really easy to headbang to, same with "Act of Violence". People go crazy when we start "Raiders of the Waste" and we usually do a cover song in our set, lately that's been "Pull the Plug". 

SFM - Thank you for your time Kevin, and last but not least, do you have any words for your fans?

Kevin - Smoke weed, worship Satan, and get Infected with Violence.

There you have it folks, be sure to check out Hellcannon on Facebook and like their page!

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