Monday, August 1, 2011

Hellcannon - Infected With Violence Review

Hellcannon are a 4 piece death/thrash band from Buffalo, New York and they are guaranteed to pummel your face to dust and enjoy every second of it. These guys know exactly how to blend the best of death metal and thrash to obtain a perfect mix of the two genres. There isn't much innovation on this record but that doesn't matter AT ALL because the material here is brutal, catchy and all around great.

The best part of this record is definitely the guitar work. The riffs are heavy and brutal, but at times show glimpses of technicality. But the real technical ability lies within the shredding solos found on every track. The song "Leviathan" showcases Hellcannon's undeniable talent for songwriting and lead guitar skills as it opens with a sinister sounding clean guitar melody and ends the brutal and chaotic track with some arpeggios, not often heard in thrash.

The vocals have a black metal edge to them, but it suits the viciousness of the music greatly and gives the listener the impression that they might have their eardrums rupture on the spot. Another noticeable part of Hellcannon's music is the utilization fo the bass as something other than just for keeping the music heavy at the bottom end. Tracks like "Raiders of the Waste" and "Sacrifice by Fire" both put a spotlight on the bass, even if it is only for the intros. 

Hellcannon is a band that everyone needs to take notice of and Infected With Violence is rock-solid proof of that. My personal favorite tunes here are definitely the epic "Leviathan" and "Harbinger of War." Now do yourself a favor and check this band out, you will not regret it!

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Final Rating - 4.3/5 or 86%

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