Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excruciator is Devouring the Competion

In the year 2011, it almost seems like there are more new thrash bands than there are people. Some are lucky enough to make it, while the majority flounder in obscurity. Excruciator is a band that should be spoken of in the same breath as bands like Warbringer, Evile, Toxic Holocaust, and Municipal Waste, but they are not. Does Excruciator have the most unique sound of the bunch? No, not really. Do they play some intense and extremely catchy music? You bet your ass they do, and they do it better than most.

The music on "Devouring" is very tight and concise. The riffs mesh well with the rhythm section, as Chris Birkle vocals pulverize the listener. Birkle sounds like a great mix of Darren Travis (Sadus) and Zetro of Exodus fame. His vocals are a definite highlight on "Devouring." They command the music with an insanely high level of viciousness that can be felt with every word uttered, but they also up the intensity all around, making for a very pleasing overall sound.

The riffs here are just as impressive as the vocal performance. They range from fast thrashers that remind the listener of Dark Angel on "Darkness Descends," to more technical riffs similar to Sadus. "Eviscerator" has the catchiest riffs of any song on the album, and is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. For the most part, the riffs tend to follow the more technical pattern on this track, until that chorus kicks in, then Excruciator take  off while your head begins to bang uncontrollably. 

There weren't many flaws on the album that held it back, but there is definitely some room for improvement. When playing the style of thrash that Excruciator plays today, it's difficult to avoid using a riff that seems unispired or bland, and this occurs on a couple of occasions, but it's nothing serious enough to avoid this album.

Excruciator managed to deliver an exciting and fun thrash release with "Devouring," and their fanbase continues to grow as they anxiously await a follow up to this beast. The best tracks to be found here are "Disciples of Mencace," "Hunter Killer," and the absolute best track "Eviscerator." If Excuciator's next offering is able to surpass this album, they they just may devour their competition completely.

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Final Rating - 4.25/5 or 85%.

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