Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview with Condition Critical!

After being completely blown away by Condition Critical's debut demo, I had to get in touch with these guys and learn more about them. Here's the interview, enjoy!

SFM - Could you give us some background information for the readers who have not heard you guys? Releases? Style? Members, etc?

Condition Critical - My name is Alonso Maguino and I play guitar and do vocals, Ryan Donato on drums, Dave Hewson on guitar, and Mike Dreher on bass. We're Condition Critical, a thrash band based off NJ and we currently have a 3 song demo out that's ready to kick your ass!

SFM - Who would you say are the biggest influences for your guys' sound?

Condition Critical - It's hard to really pick a few selected bands because we're influenced by so many. But if we had to choose a couple they would be Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Megadeth, Exhorder, Vio-lence, Exodus, and Testament. I mean the list goes on and on but those bands influences us the most.

SFM - Huge props to that Demolition Hammer influence! Do you have any shows planned for 2011? If so, where and with who?
Condition Critical - Yeah. We're playing a show this Friday, August 26th in Howell, NJ. We'll be playing with Bitchslicer, Helcaraxe, Centralia, and a couple other local bands. We're also playing a show on September 22nd in Kearny, NJ with Midnite Hellion and a few other local bands. We only have those 2 shows lined up so far but we're looking to book some more for the following months.

SFM - Awesome! Now that you've released your debut demo, are there any tentative plans to record an EP or possibly a full length.

Condition Critical - The plan right now is to spread this demo like wild fire really. A far as the future goes, we're hoping to go back to the studio to record a full length by early next year.

SFM - I'm definitely anxious to hear some new material from you guys. What is the scene like where you're all from? What kind of bands play over there?

Condition Critical - Well, we're all from different parts of Jersey. Ryan and Mike are from New Brunswick, Dave is from Tom's River, and I'm from Atlantic City area. the scenes in all these different places are very different. I mean you that doom metal and emo stuff going in South Jersey; but once you start heading up north, it becomes a different story. Central jersey is not too bad, I mean there are a few metal bands here and there but North Jersey is where the scene seems to be right now. We've become good friends with a bunch of bands from around the area. Bands like Cerebral Decay, Bomb Scare, Zamboni, Gnarly Vomit, just to name a few.

SFM - Sounds like you've got a good scene going on. Now, I've noticed that you guys are Demolition Hammer fans, and are often a band that you are compared to. Would you ever consider covering a Demolition Hammer song for your live set?

Condition Critical - You know, being compared to Demolition Hammer is such an amazing compliment because those guys wrote some of the most intense, fast and brutal stuff. It feels pretty cool being compared to them but sometimes it's hard keeping up with that compliment haha. And yes, one of our covers is actually a Demolition Hammer song. It's the song ".44 Caliber Brain Surgery." We actually played it at our last show.

SFM - Well, I'd like to thank you for your time. Any words for your fans?

Condition Critical - Check us out on facebook You can check any upcoming shows there and also download the demo for free. We encourage you to download it, make copies, and give it to EVERYONE. If you get a chance to come out to one of our shows, we promise we won't disappoint you! THRASH TILL' DEATH!

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