Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview with King Fowley of Deceased!

For today's interview, I was fortunate enough to get in contact and interview Deceased frontman, King Fowley! After hearing the amazing Surreal Overdose, I knew I had to get in touch with this man. This is what went down!

SFM - Your newest album, Surreal Overdose, has been out for a few months now. How has this album been received by the fans? 

King - It's getting a lot of good response. We first try to please ourselves as song writers and anything else is just extra added fun. We thank everyone for the kind words on the internet and in mags about the record/band etc. We really appreciate your support.

SFM - I'm glad the fans dig it because it's great! Now looking back at the album, is there anything that you would change about it? 

King - No record is ever perfect. Little quirks in mixing on this one. Maybe an idea that comes to me after it's recorded, that's natural. I'm very happy with the sound and playing on the record. The band all did a great job and it came out very nicely.

SFM - Surreal Overdose was a fantastic album and definitely one of the best of the year and it lives up to your guys' reputation for being one of the most consistent bands around. How do you guys manage to top yourself everytime and does it become more difficult to try and release something better than before? 

King - We just write songs that catch our attention and put smiles on our faces. It's all our influences rolled into one. It's all written and crafted from the heart. We wouldn't waste our time or anyone's time throwing together a batch of new songs just to call 'em 'new songs'! We take our time and I can tell you as the arranger of the songs I devote a lot of time, effort and dedication into getting it the best it can be. I know the other guys do as well. Mike write's riffs that he enjoys and we all take em in and build off them. If something doesn't workout we don't panic. We move on from it and work on the next idea. In the end we have a new batch of songs we are all comfortable with and proud of.  

SFM - I can tell you that all of that hard work paid off! Are there any plans for Deceased to tour at all this year? Possibly any festival dates? 

King - We are doing "the 13 frightened shows!" We've done one as of this interview in Buffalo. Only fests we are doing or did are Buffalo New York's Day of Death and Goregrowlers Ball in Texas. The rest are just weekend gigs with local bands as support on the east coast. We did tons of gigs last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band so this year we've gotten the record out and have a little bit of weekend time to gig out. 2012 will see a lot more!

SFM - Speaking of playing live, has it been difficult to transition from vocals to playing drums and singing at the same time? 

King - I did the singing and drumming togehter live for 15 years. I stopped due to health issues in the early 2000's. I love just singing live. Being out front and not trapped on that damn drum stool. On this new record I went back to playing drums to see what I still had in the tank. I won't be doing this live. We have a great live drummer in Eric Mayes and I'll stay out front and scream and have fun!

SFM - What is your favorite song to play live? 

King - Night of the Deceased! To me it's the perfect live song from us.

SFM - Are you involved in any other projects outside of Deceased?

King -  I have October 31 a traditional heavy metal band I've been a part of for 16 years now. We don't do much right now but we will work on a new record sometime in the near future as well as play a fest in Baltimore, Maryland in November. Other then that not really anything worth mentioning.

SFM - What was the reason for going separate ways with Relapse after being the first band to ever sign with them? 

King - Their bullshit lies and deceit! We are straight up guys and we expect the same from anyone we work with! There's no way we will work with bullshitters! We told them we're done with you and we left!!!! 

SFM - That sucks... Are you fan of any of the newer bands out today? Do you have any advice to lend them? 

King - I've heard hits of stuff but nothing I can really brag about. I wish anyone doing it for the right reasons good fortunes. My advice is do it from the heart and keep your integrity at all costs.

SFM - And lastly, do you have any words for the fans reading this?

King - Thanks for the support! Thanks for the interview brother! Up the tombstones! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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