Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interview with Black/Thrash Masters... DESASTER!

Recently I was fortunate enough to get in touch with one of my favorite bands, Desaster, and they were generous enough to grant me an interview. Here's what they said, enjoy!

SFM - You guys have been playing together for over 20 years now and just recently made it to the US for the first time. How did you guys like playing for the American crowd? Was there any difference between the US crowd and the European crowds? Do you have any plans to return?

Desaster - Hey mister! Yeah, it’s now 22 years of total Desaster. And we are still hungry for more METAL! It was a pleasure to play in the US the first time. We had good fun with all maniacs in LA and Chicago. Especially the sightseeing tour with Randy and the BBQ overkill with all Chicago head bangers was the shit! We had so much fun! I think there isn’t really a big difference. It’s strange to see metal fans doing slam dance or however you call it. But in Germany it’s also getting back. Fun was the little fight between two girls in LA next to my drum- kit while the show! In both cities many maniacs showed up and gave us the feeling to be with friends. It was great! I really must send hails to Juan, Mario and Victor who made those 2 gigs possible! Thanks brothers!
I think we’ll return soon. There is something in the works… but I can’t say more, because there is nothing 100% by now! Soon…

SFM - That's great, and I hope you guys do come back to Los Angeles and tear it up! Are there any plans for more touring this year? Will you be doing any summer festivals?

Desaster - We already played some Open Airs like “Bang your head!!!” with mighty Slayer, Lordi, DAD, Overkill, Immortal, Pretty Maids, Accept and more. And just last weekend a festival in the Czech Republic with Negaru Bunget and Avenger… This year we didn’t play so much live… some things changed in the band. Infernal can’t play so many shows anymore because he is a dad now and has some more priorities… But we try to play at least 1 show a month… Next gigs are Metal Forces Festival Lörrach, Meh Suff! in Switzerlands, Eindhoven Metal Meeting in the Netherlands and some club shows…
We stopped thinking about “touring” the traditional way. We are no professional band, so we want fun between some shows and not business shit! So maybe outside Europe 3-4 shows in a row is possible, but no more… But there’s nothing really planned now.

SFM - Send Infernal my best wishes and I'm sure he'll be an awesome dad! What is your opinion on today's metal scene? Are you a fan of any newer bands? Do you have any advice you could give to an upcoming band?

Desaster - I think the so called scene is still strong and has some really good bands. But the biggest problem is money. You can’t have all good records… it’s so fucking expensive… Anyway every metalhead try to buy as much as possible, right? At the moment I really enjoy now albums of Sonne Adam, Portrait, In Solitude (Serpents are rising is a Ear-catcher!), Grand Magus, Unholy Lust (killer dark DM from LA!), The Black League (suicide RockNRoll from FIN!), Darkest Era (“little Primodial”), Hooded Menace, Iron Lamb (killer Punk/RnR), Orchid, Ketzer, Procession,  Morbus Chron, Insidious, … and many more… But also old bands release great new albums like mighty Absu, Asphyx, Autopsy, Primordial,  Mourning Beloveth, Melechesh, Over Kill, Sabbat (JAP), Torture Squad, Unleashed … but fuck… I AM STILL WAITING FOR A NEW SADISTIC INTENT ALBUM! COME ON GUYS!

SFM - I would love a new Sadistic Intent record as well! It's been 4 years since Desaster has released a full-length with new material. Are there any tentative plans for a new album in the coming year?

Desaster - Oh fuck, already 4 years?!  We are getting slower … haha… Anyway, yes, we are at the moment writing new songs and recording studio is booked for October here in Koblenz together with our friend Wally “Kra” Walldorf. By the way he is singer of  the 3 biggest German Deutschpunk bands called Toxoplasma… A great guy and still 100% punk’n’roller… So the new record will be released at the beginning of 2012… CD again Metal Blade, Vinyl by our friend Steffen from High Roller Records and CD South America by Mutilation Records Brazil again.
There are also one or two small releases planed…

SFM - That sounds awesome, I'm definitely looking forward to that! After playing for over 20 years and touring, do you have any funny/memorable road moments you could share?

Desaster - Oh fuck… there are so many things that happened. Can’t remember all that. I think on every trip some funny things were done. Sometimes it’s only funny at that special moment and sometimes it’s only funny because of the people… by the way… here and now I can tell you that we Germans also have a lot of fun… sometimes as black as the British humour! Believe in me! Haha…
But sadly no story I can tell… maybe come to our shows and we’ll find something out! 

SFM - Speaking of playing live, what has been your favorite place to play live?

Desaster - A stage! Haha… I don’t know… most of our shows had their own special feeling. I don’t care about a special place… if the audience is getting wild and has a good time we are satisfied.

SFM - Can't argue with that. What is your favorite song to play live? Which tend to go over with the crowd the best?

Desaster - My favourite song?! I don’t know… I like all songs… Our setlist is build that we don’t have to concentrate so much on playing. Instead we prefer to have fun and bang our heads… I think Metalized Blood, Tyrants of the Netherworld and Hellbangers are always  good choices to see some heads roll! Haha…

SFM - Well I'd like to thank you again for your time, do you have any words for your fans?

Desaster - Thanks to you for the interview, thanks to all maniacs out there! Keep it Metal and never whimp out! In case of any merchandise wishes check out:


Tormentor & DESASTER

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