Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Condition Critical - Fracturing One Skull At A Time

The east coast is once again thriving with great bands that are keeping metal alive and strong. Bands like Lich King, Hellcannon, Mantic Ritual, Seplophile and others are constantly tearing it up, but now there is another band who is ready to take over the scene. That band is Condition Critical. Condition Critical have just released their debut demo with four skull fracturing tracks, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and your head banging.

One reason why this band is so good is because their sound is heavily influenced by one of the greatest bands to come from the east coast, Demolition Hammer. Condition Critical has the same intensity, the same brutality and are extremely catchy as well. The riffs are absolutely crushing, the solos are all well done and the vocals are nothing short of spectacular.

The demo kicks off with a short instrumental track that features some very heavy riffage and sets up the rest of the demo perfectly. (Just as Orgy of Destruction serves as the perfect set up to Epidemic of Violence). The intro isn't the only track to feature some heavy riffs because they come in abundance throughout the demo. Condition Critical can cause some serious damage to your neck with their brilliant structuring of the songs. "Self Mutilation Ritual" is a nice mid-paced mosher for the most part, but the the drums take it up a notch and a ripping thrash riff comes shortly after to maximize the headbanging.

Not only are the riffs great, but everything else seems to mesh nicely as well. The bass lines are audible and have a crushing tone, while the drums are used to up the intensity and maintain the overall heaviness of the music. The vocals are just about as brutal as the riffs that they command. Condition Critical also manages to utilize gang vocals really well, which is rare with most of today's bands. "Bred to Kill" features some very well executed gang vocals during the break of the song before being catapulted into a series of cool solos. 

This demo is just the beginning for Condition Critical, and if they continue to put out music as great as this, then they should have no problem in today's metal scene. The best track here is definitely "Bred to Kill." It features everything that this band excels at. Heavy riffs, blistering solos and neck snapping brutality. 

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Final Rating - 4.6/5 or 92%.

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