Thursday, August 18, 2011

Destruction - A Savage Symphony Review - "Savage Indeed"

Over the years, Destruction has become a household name amongst thrashers everywhere. You can't be a true metalhead without owning one of their releases and they must be seen live. Destruction's DVD "A Savage Symphony," is a great concert experience for those that have not or can't go to one of their shows. Now they can witness it over and over again. It is also a great way for newcomers to the band to learn the entire history of these German legends.

The concert features their Wacken 2007 performance in honor of the band's 25th anniversary, complete with pyro, a great set list and multiple appearances from Destruction's infamous mascot "The Mad Butcher." Favorites such as "Curse the Gods," "Nailed to the Cross," "Reject Emotions," and "Total Desaster," are played flawlessly by Schmier and company, guaranteed to pull you out of your seat and start headbanging. 

A great moment in the show is the appearance of every former Destruction member over the years coming onstage for a performance. It showcases the band as compassionate people who can let bygones be bygones for the sake of the fans and the music. This includes a drum jam and several drummer's going at once during "Thrash Till Death."

Another spectacular display of showmanship is during "The Alliance of Hellhoundz" song. Destruction gathers nearly every person who made an appearance on the track when it was recorded. It not only displays the kind of people Destruction are, but who everyone else is and how much the festival and music matters.

As if the show itself wasn't enough of a reason to go out and buy this DVD, there is a documentary on the history of the band included with this release as well. Highlights include the origins of Destruction, reasons for the departure of Schmier, the Neo-Destruction era, Schmier's comeback and many, many more moments of greatness.

Bonus features include several music videos, a short clip of highlights from their US tour in 2009 entitled "Nailed to the Road" and the collection of arguably the biggest Destruction fan ever known as "Fans Till Death."

This DVD is a great showcase of Destruction's love for their fans as well as their incredible performance abilities. This is the perfect way to thank everyone for keeping the Teutonic Thrash Titans active for all these years. A great show, a great documentary that chronicles the history of the band, and a good amount of bonus features is more than enough reasons to pick up this great release.

Written by Chris Butera

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