Friday, December 2, 2016

Teleport – Ascendance

Sci-fi is all the rage in thrash and death metal right now. It seems every new band popping up is building from the groundwork laid by Vektor in thrash, and numerous dissonant death metal groups. Few of these bands, however, toe the line between thrash and death metal successfully, often opting for one or the other (Ripper coming to mind as an example of a band that can play both sides). Perhaps the band that does both sounds most successfully is Slovenia’s Teleport on their new EP “Ascendance”.

Unsurprisingly, this EP is filled with head-turning riffs that are use jarring rhythms and inharmonious intervals to create truly weird music. Teleport switches between channeling bands like Immolation and Phobocosm to their thrashier counterparts in Voivod and Coroner. And speaking of the latter band, they are the most obvious comparison for Teleport. The vocals on “Ascendance” are remarkably similar to Coroner’s Ron Royce in part because of their tone, but also because they are slightly hidden in the mix, resulting in a shrouded, mysterious atmosphere all throughout the record. While nobody has ever successfully emulated Coroner, Teleport has a number of moments that come close. 

Though this album plays both sides of the fence, “Ascendance” definitely leans more towards thrash metal than death. Many riffs have a charging pace, with more dissonant chords sprinkled in (ala Vektor). The most impressive example of the band’s riffing abilities comes in the middle of “Realm of Solar Darkness”, when Teleport hits light speed and unleashes some of the fastest riffs of the EP. With that said, there isn’t a weak moment on this EP. While the sci-fi technical thrash/death metal styles are certainly being overdone these days, Teleport stands out as one of the few truly unique groups. Even if you don’t like this style all that much, the strong links to Coroner’s music make “Ascendance” a worthy listen!

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"The Monolith"
"Realm of Solar Darkness"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%. 

Written by Scott

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