Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fabulous Desaster – Hang ‘em High

Hang ‘em High” is the first record for German thrash metal band Fabulous Desaster. Taking obvious influence from Exodus, this is one band that definitely worships old-school thrash. This means that the music is a little bit predictable, but the end result is an exciting, inspired record. The most obvious Exodus influence comes from the band’s vocalist, who has one of the more animated thrash metal voices of recent years. Much like Zetro, he relies on an aggressive snarl that occasionally goes into more extreme territory.

The more subtle nod to Exodus’ music is that fact that nearly every second of “Hang ‘em High” sounds like the band is about to jump out of their skin. This album is beyond energetic, and consistently maintains a furious pace. Fabulous Desaster rarely slows down, making this a fairly quick 40-minute listen (especially since the band’s singer is constantly spitting out lyrics). Though I want to criticize the band for having a slightly weak guitar tone with not enough low-end, it fits their spastic sound. Solos are plentiful all throughout the album, and range from being semi-coherent to getting much wilder. “Thrash Bang Wallop” and "Customized" even have room for a bass solo. 

Like many modern thrash bands, Fabulous Desaster’s weakness is that their music tends to blend together. It isn’t a lack of variety that hurts, but simply that more memorable songwriting is needed. However, the band’s overall sound is distinctive enough to make them more than just another thrash band in the crowd. Few of their peers have as much enthusiasm, and an even smaller number have a vocalist who is anywhere near as unique as Fabulous Desaster’s singer. The band ticks all of the other boxes needed for enjoyable modern thrash: tight musicianship, good production (though “Hang ‘em High” isn’t quite as processed or perfect as a lot of other releases), plenty of gang vocals, and an endless supply of riffs. Some might be quick to write them off as another Exoclone, and they are undoubtedly very similar, but Fabulous Desaster’s music is already most suited to those who just can’t get enough thrash metal!

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"Death Is Loud"
"R.I.P. (Rest in POWER)"
"Thrash Metal Symphony"

Final Rating
3.8/5 or 76%. 

Written by Scott

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