Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Battery – Martial Law

Denmark’s Battery is back two years after their debut album with another release. “Martial Law” features 10 high-speed thrashing tunes that are in line with what the band presented the first time around. The cover art has improved substantially, but the music itself is fairly similar in quality. Seasoned thrash fans will know what to expect, as Battery plays to the subgenres strengths, with crushing riffs abound, plenty of gang vocals, and impressively quick tempos. There really aren’t any surprises on this album, as it falls in line with nearly every other release from Punishment 18 Records.

The one somewhat frustrating element from the band’s debut remains on this record: an insanely high-pitched, cracking snare drum. Newer thrash bands are no secret to this sound, but Battery takes it to new levels. If you can put that aside, you’ll be rewarded with track after track of speedy riffwork. This style of thrashing isn’t particularly prone to catchy songwriting, but there are certainly parts of the record that will stick with you. The closing syncopated screams of “The Rapture” come to mind immediately, making it clear why this song was made the opener. 

If there is a slight advantage to “Martial Law” over “Armed With Rage”, it would be the brevity of this newer release. Clocking in at under 33 minutes, this is a quick affair, and it means that even though every song sounds similar, it doesn’t wear thin. Battery also stands out slightly because of their marginally louder bass playing that cuts through the mix sufficiently. There are more than a few moments on this record with an interesting bass fill. Ultimately, however, Battery continues to be one of the crowd. In order to reign supreme in the modern thrash scene, they need considerably stronger songwriting. For something to throw on and headbang to, “Martial Law” gets the job done, but it is unlikely to be a release in constant rotation.

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"The Rapture"
"Proxy Warfare"
"Battery By Authority"

Final Rating
3.7/5 or 74%. 

Written by Scott

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