Friday, December 8, 2017

Nightstryke – Power Shall Prevail

It shouldn’t take long to figure out who Nightstryke are and what they play with an album title like “Power Shall Prevail”. This is classic, 1980s-influenced heavy metal in the vein of greats like Judas Priest, Riot, and many others. The band isn’t speed metal per se, but they have no shortage of high-speed charging riffs. The energy and enthusiasm on this record is overflowing from every single song. Whether it is due to flashy guitar solos or a vocalist who isn’t afraid to screech out some screams, Nightstryke always feels on the verge of exploding. Many of their harmonized leads bring songs to another level, recalling any number of Iron Maiden efforts.

Power Shall Prevail” has the right formula, and it often results in a number of truly memorable tracks. Aside from the title cut, later efforts like “Neon Killer” and “Take You Away” stand out for their instantly accessible choruses. In general, Nightstryke’s music isn’t as obviously catchy as more polished modern bands like Enforcer or Skull Fist, but it is also this rawness that adds a sense of authenticity to their music. Though the performances are tight, “Power Shall Prevail” doesn’t feel perfect, and surprisingly, that often counts for a lot in metal.

As good as the record is, it isn’t immune to criticism. Nightstryke’s singer has the right level of passion in his voice, but he isn’t a virtuosic singer. He gets by easily on the more upbeat, riff-intensive tunes, but any time he is the main focus, one can’t help but wonder if the record would be more effective with a Bruce Dickinson-type singer. In addition to this, the songwriting occasionally drags. “The Story of The Forty Seven Ronin” in particular struggles to maintain its 6-minute length. The album is fortunate to get off to a hot start, and similarly finishes strong, but some of the middle tracks are less thrilling. Overall, it more than gets the job done, and the band’s appreciation of heavy metal is made consistently clear. This record is an obvious winner despite there being some room for improvement! As a side note, the band has recently faced some serious adversity, so definitely check out their music and send some good vibes their way! 

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"Power Shall Prevail"
"Neon Killer"
"Take You Away"

Final Rating
4.1/5 or 82%.

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