Sunday, December 17, 2017

Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

Just a few years ago, Evil Invaders burst onto the European speed metal scene with an inspired, energetic record that was designed to crush, kill, and destroy posers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the band has followed that up just a couple years later with a similar offering of no holds-barred speed metal. “Feed Me Violence” does exactly as the title suggests: it feeds pure violence. Not content with a barbaric approach, nor a completely clean one, Evil Invaders has carved a niche by opting for a technically precise, yet completely wild and off-the-rails sound.

The biggest advantage in Evil Invaders’ corner is their sheer enthusiasm. Between the screeching solos and equally shrieky vocals, the Belgians are out for blood on this record. It’s worth pointing out that the band’s singer has a fairly clean delivery when he’s singing, but often tends to channel his inner-Schmier. Predictably, the outcome makes “Feed Me Violence” even better. It helps that the band spends much of their time at a driving pace, unleashing furious riffs, and equally potent rhythm work.

To their credit, Evil Invaders is not a one-trick pony. There are a couple of instrumental interludes, and even other moments where the band adopts a softer sound. These moments excel when there are melodic, thoughtful leads that take advantage of the space the rhythm section provides to them. Truthfully, the band does neither their fast nor their more restrained sound better. The two styles work in tandem to offer sufficient diversity on an already succinct record. 

There aren’t any clear failings of “Feed Me Violence”. Much like its predecessor, it doesn’t necessarily have the songwriting chops of some of the leaders of this scene. But it fills such a unique void in the style (cleaner than bands like Ranger yet more aggressive than others like Enforcer) that it is still a must-listen. There are still plenty of great songs on this record, and even if there weren’t, it’s simply too charged-up to deny!

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"Mental Penitentiary"
"As Life Slowly Fades"

Final Rating
4.1/5 or 82%.

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