Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thunderforge – Call of the Conqueror

Thunderforge comes from the US and plays power metal, and just recently released their debut EP “Call of the Conqueror”. Now that we’re out of the 1980s, power metal from the US isn’t limited to sounding like USPM, as there are more than a handful of bands playing the more melodic European style despite being American. In Thunderforge’s case, they toe the line between the two subgenres, playing a convincing blend of sounds that should appeal to fans of either style. This is accomplished by bringing the riffs of USPM, but the leads and melodies of more melodic power metal. Add in a singer who is virtuosic without having a ridiculously high-pitched voice, and you’ve got a combination that should please both sides of the fence.

The band’s more aggressive comes through on “Harbringer” moreso than any other track. This song is filled to the brim with heavy riffs that will stir up some movement in any crowd to which the band plays. The final seconds of the song erupt into a wildly thrashy section, which shows some untapped potential for the band to explore on future releases. Other tracks, like “Raiders of the Night” and "Sound the Horns" utilize the ever-so common galloping and charging pace of a band like Omen, but still manage to intertwine tons of melody. Fans of both styles will be happy to know that shredding is in full force here: though not a constant barrage of solos, the lead work on “Call of the Conqueror” is both frenetic and dazzling. 

As good as this EP is, it does feel a bit overlong at times. These 5 tracks run for nearly 30 minutes. There are definitely some progressive undertones throughout the release (particularly on the final two tracks), and one can’t help but feel that the more focused tracks like “Raiders of the Night” and “Harbringer” come off as being stronger. There is undoubtedly a crowd for the band’s lengthier, more involved material; it is executed to perfection, but I’ve never been one for progressive music. Still, “Call of the Conqueror” would be an impressive release for any band to call their own, and given that this is just Thunderforge’s debut, it shows a lot of promise for the future!

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"Raiders of the Night"

Final Rating
4.0/5 or 80%. 

Written by Scott

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