Friday, September 9, 2016

Phidion – Mother Pestilence

It has been a while since we last heard from Sweden’s Phidion. Fortunately, this death/thrash group has returned in 2016 with a 3-track single entitled “Mother Pestilence”. This short release clocks in at under 9 minutes, and offers a satisfying take on thrash-infused death metal. The thrash leanings come largely from the sharp guitar tone, which is even more piercing when the band avoids chunkier riffs. This is primarily a death metal release, however, and so tremolo picking, blast beats, and vicious growls are in no short supply. Phidion’s vocalist can hit lower notes, but often leans towards a raspier high-pitched snarl. When he does go for a more guttural approach, the band helps him out by using more crushing riffs, some of which feature pinch harmonics. 

The best song on this release is not the single itself, but “Derek’s Don’t Run”. The ending of this track features a wicked thrashy riff filled with downpicking, and is certainly the most memorable moment of the release. This track tends to get a bit more brooding and atmospheric after the halfway point, and is a definite highlight. Though this release is good, Phidion has no distinctive edge. They’re beyond competent at what they do, but not all that unique from the legions of Swedish death metal bands out there. If you’ve explored the depths of Entombed, Unleashed, and Dismember worshippers, Phidion is a logical step forward, as this release features stellar production, excellent musicianship, and favourable songwriting, but it is by no means a revolutionary single. There isn’t too much else that can be said about a release this short, but it is a very complete package, so fans of death metal would be wise to check it out!

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"Derek's Don't Run"

Final Rating
3.6/5 or 72%. 

Written by Scott

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