Thursday, August 2, 2012

Razorwyre - Another Dimension

Last year I reviewed Razorwyre's debut EP "Coming Out," and I was thoroughly impressed with what I heard from the New Zealand quintet. Since then I've kept tabs on the band and I've noticed that these guys love their old-school metal. They post a different obscure act once a week on their Facebook, and after listening to these guys' debut full-length "Another Dimension," it's plain to see that they worship those bands, because there are a bunch of different sounds throughout these ten tracks. There's plenty of straightforward heavy metal on here, but there's also some power metal, speed metal and thrash thrown in for good measure. This mix of sounds definitely helps Razorwyre stand out from the other new acts playing in the vein of Maiden, Priest, Motorhead, etc. 

A lot of newer heavy metal bands stick to the galloping and midpaced tempos, but not Razorwyre. On quite a few of these songs they take a much faster approach, similar to other newer acts like Enforcer and Spellcaster. "Conjuror" and "Knights of Fire" are both thrash by nature, as the riffs batter the listener with sheer speed and velocity, while the listener is mesmerized by the amazing guitar solos and Z's incredible vocal ability. Of course, Razorwyre is a heavy metal band and the epic "The Infinite/Desert Inferno" is a monolith of traditional excellence. The melodies, solos, percussion, vocals, riffs and everything else just click together perfectly for this song making it one of the best I've heard all year, and it also shows just how terrific newer bands today can be, rather than sticking to a derivative, retro sound that borrows from the forefathers of the genre. This group has certainly found their own niche and they have no need to worry about being just another band in an endless trend. 

Razorwyre also has the gift of being able to write some headbanging songs that were made in the image of the older rock gods. "Fight or Be Fucked" should be a hell of a song to see played live, with its catchy hooks, stellar drumming and overall energy. It's clear that these guys have a real passion for their music and aren't trying to hop on a bandwagon, because a false band like that would not be able to write tunes as awesome as the title track and "The Fort," which both ooze tremendous songwriting and memorable moments. "Another Dimension" is the product of  excellent musicians who wear their influences on their sleeves, but are also able to forge their own genuine sound, a rarity in today's scene. As long as they keep writing material like they did on this record, they'll be fine and eventually should be a common name in today's heavy metal scene. 

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"Another Dimension"
"The Infinite/Desert Inferno"
"The Fort"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%.