Thursday, August 16, 2012

Convent Guilt - Demo

When I think of incredible new metal bands out today and where they all seem to be coming from, Australia is always a scene that can always be pointed to, as bands like Mongrel's Cross, Ignivomous, and Inverloch have already released some of the year's best music. However, I don't usually find myself thinking of Australia for having the most traditional metal bands, especially when compared to countries like Sweden and Canada, but in a country that is so prolific in terms of quality bands, it was only a matter of time before a stellar act like Convent Guilt came along to inject an even more old-school dose into the Aussie metal world. The group's debut demo contains four tracks of pure, unashamed heavy metal that was made to be as wickedly catchy as metal can be in the year 2012. 

Despite being labeled as a demo, the production on these songs is terrific. The mix of all of the instruments and the vocals is perfect, and it doesn't sound too polished which allows the genuine riffage and attitude shine through. The first track "Convent Guilt" shows exactly what the band of the same name is all about, and that's hitting the listener hard with infectious riffage that reminds the listener of bands like Motorhead or Judas Priest, due to the heaviness and speed. In addition to the heavier and faster riffs, Convent Guilt's vocalist also brings a some toughness to the front with his gritty vocals that are an ideal choice for the band's sound as they don't sound too fancy or pretty like other new acts. "Bailed Up" is arguably the best track of the four, with its galloping riffs, awesome melodies, blistering solos and overall energy all contributing to the memorability of the song. "No Dawn in Lucifer's Light" is another highlight, as this song's chorus is the real ear-catcher (seriously, this song is one that will be on repeat), but the simple, yet effective chord progressions, as well as the acoustic guitars are all a pleasurable listen as well. Convent Guilt's take on heavy metal isn't as common in today's scene, but that doesn't take away from the quality of the band's music one bit. This demo is one of those very solid ones that comes along and sucks the listener in until the point where they need to have more, and I can't wait until these guys release some more tunes. 

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"Bailed Up"
"No Dawn in Lucifer's Light"
"Killer Virgins"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%.