Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gospel of the Horns - Ceremonial Conjuration [EP]

If you're a fan of black/thrash then you should already be very well acquainted with this band, as they are easily one of the best in the genre. If you're not, you've probably heard me throw this name around a bit when reviewing other Australian bands, because along with Destroyer 666, these Aussies have set the benchmark for what Australia and extreme metal are all about (For newer releases that is). The four tracks on Gospel of the Horns' brand new EP "Ceremonial Conjuration" are better than most of today's newer bands' material on their absolute best day.  After listening to this EP a few times, I realized that I was incredibly satisfied with what I heard, but also a little torn, because a full-length from these guys would have been amazing. Nonetheless, these guys have knocked yet another release way the fuck out of the park. 

Anyone who's heard the band's previous releases will not be disappointed with the effort on these four tracks. The band is clearly still sticking with the same formula that brought them this far, as the majority of riffage could be traced back to the forefathers in Bathory, (early) Kreator, Hellhammer, with the occasional metalpunk moment sprinkled in here and there. There's a great balance between the songs as "Sorcery and Blood" and "Ceremonial Conjuration" are both punishing, intense tracks that level the listener with a wall of sonic destruction, composed of black/thrashing riffs, pummeling drums, and the familiar, evil growls from frontman Howitzer. "Awakening" and "Conquering Self" are both midpaced tracks that don't really stray away from the plodding pace, and the way that the riffs (simple punk-influenced chord progressions) are constructed guarantee that the listener will be banging their head throughout. "Ceremonial Conjuration" has a terrific amount of heaviness, evil, speed and memorability to be listened to over and over again, much like any of the band's previous releases. This EP did exactly what it was meant to do, and that was to have me waiting anxiously for a full-length release, as well as show the metal underground and many of today's young acts trying to take their stab at this type of music what it takes to crush skulls and break necks, and for that I salute Gospel of the Horns

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"Ceremonial Conjuration"
"Conquering Self"

Final Rating
4.3/5 or 86%.