Monday, June 5, 2017

Extravasion – Origins of Magma

Amongst the flurry of new thrash bands, one country that has struggled to keep up is France. There is a never-ending list of great bands from the UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and even Norway, but much like in the 1980s, it seems like France has once again fallen behind. Fortunately, however, this is where Extravasion comes in. “Origins of Magma” is their debut release, and offers a predictable set of thrashing tunes, with the occasional technical edge. The playing is speedy, yet remains tight, while the production also is extremely competent. It’s clear that this is a newer release because of its sound, but doesn’t feel as overproduced as some of the sonic perfection occurring in many other thrash bands.

Extravasion takes a somewhat unique angle in modern thrash because their technicality comes in a different form from many of their peers. Copying Voivod and Coroner (among others) is all the rage right now, but Extravasion is almost like a slightly subdued version of Forbidden or Heathen. They primarily use melody rather than dissonance to showcase their skills, but they never let it get in the way of writing a rock-solid track. Sometimes things feel a little disjointed, whether in the riffing or the vocals, but Extravasion rarely veers off track. The moments on “Origins of Magma” that do fail are the two spoken sections (the intro to “Bankster” and the two minute outro, which is totally in French and won’t be understood by most listeners). I appreciate comedy and thrash go together incredibly well, but it doesn’t quite work for Extravasion.

As noted above, this record features strong similarities to some of the semi-technical bands of the 1980s, but where Extravasion differs is in their vocal approach. Their singer has a much more aggressive, raspier sound. This still works well because the band delivers plenty of immensely heavy riffs; though they use melody, it isn’t their only focus. The end result for “Origins of Magma” is that it is a well-constructed album. It does have the occasional fault, and it certainly isn’t earth-shatteringly good, but any thrash fan should find plenty to enjoy on this release.  

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"Origins of Magma"

Final Rating
3.9/5 or 78%. 

Written by Scott

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