Friday, December 18, 2015

Ripper – Experiment of Existence

Ripper is a relatively new thrash band that hails from Chile, and is set to release their second full length album, “Experiment of Existence”, on Unspeakable Axe Records in early 2016. There are few band names in metal history as apt as Ripper’s. From start to finish, this album is like a fist in the face. Similar to the hyper-speed thrash of bands like Sadus, Hypnosia, or even labelmates Besieged, Ripper is a band that just doesn’t let up. When they do relent slightly, it’s because they’re unleashing monolithic breakdown riffs that are just as potent as the faster stuff. Additionally, the band’s singer comes from the school of Mille Petrozza, as he shreds his vocal cords with each word he yells out. This style is particularly effective given the consistently high speed the band plays at throughout the record.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on “Experiment of Existence” is the bass playing. The comparison to Sadus was no accident; Ripper’s bass playing is the second coming of Steve DiGiorgio. His playing is both active and audible, culminating in the bass interlude that is appropriately titled “Chromatic Fantasy”. “Anatomy of the Galaxies” even features a full-on bass solo that stands out amongst the thrashing fury provided by the rest of the band. The ending of “Stellar Evolution” likewise closes with some impressive bass playing. The other slight oddity about this record is the spacey tech-thrash approach. Voivod may have been first, but Vektor popularized this sound. Ripper is a little less overt with these influences than those two bands, but there is no doubt that some of the these songs have some incredibly dissonant riffs, and the wandering bass lines add to this effect. 

On the whole, “Experiment of Existence” is exactly as advertised: violent, whiplash-causing tech thrash. There’s not a moment on this album that doesn’t absolutely rule. It isn’t the most memorable album, but it also doesn’t fall prey to having every song sound the same, which is usually the only flaw these absurdly fast bands have. The band’s bassist is the differentiating factor that puts them ahead of many of their peers, but even taking that element away, this is still a killer death/thrash record.

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"Magnetic Solar Storms"
"Anatomy of the Galaxies"
"The Alpha Orionis"

Final Rating
4.5/5 or 90%. 

Written by Scott

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