Friday, October 30, 2015

Goblet – On Tap

On Tap” is the second EP from American thrashers Goblet. Featuring 5 tracks, it is a mixed bag of a variety of sounds that cause both headbanging and head scratching. The former sound is achieved when Goblet is playing faster, more aggressive riffs. The band’s singer draws most of his influence from the crossover scene, as he spends most of his effort yelling (though the ending of “Full Metal Jacket” does show some much more brutal screaming, as does “Party Monster”). Like many of the subgenres vocalists, Goblet’s singer isn’t the most technically proficient, but it works. He doesn’t unleash any wickedly fast passages, but again, the more simplistic approach is effective.

The middle three tracks on this EP are the best because they follow a tried and true formula. When the band experiments, however, things go awry. A great example is the start of the EP. Similar to many other intros, it begins layering instruments as it attempts to build to something heavier. Unfortunately, the tame production makes the single guitar sound weak and thin. The other strange song is “Acid Rain”, which brings more of a doom/stoner vibe. Though these aren’t my subgenres of preference, their brief appearance here isn’t my chief complaint; instead, it is the contrast with the crossover sounds of the other songs that makes it out of place. It also doesn’t help that the lyrics are not the best.

The problems with “On Tap” do not make up a significant portion of its playing time, which is why it is a worthy EP that displays quite a bit of promise. If the band can tighten up the production, and stick to playing more intense riffs, Goblet will definitely be a group to watch.

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"Forced Blunt Trauma"

Final Rating
3.25/5 or 65%. 

Written by Scott

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