Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 New Wave Thrash Albums!

Hello all again... A buddy of mine requested that I do this and since I have no interviews at the moment or any albums to review, I figured why not? The following 10 albums are the best new wave albums thus far IMO and they all receive my highest recommendation if you haven't heard them yet.

#10. Head on Collision - Ritual Sacrifice
This album is great and is a fantastic example of how newer thrash bands don't need to try and reinvent the wheel to sound awesome. This album is heavy and aggressive and plenty catchy at that. The standout tracks here are definitely the opening intro "Arise From the Wreckage," "God Hand," and "Electrocutioner."

#9. Lich King - World Gone Dead
This album is just about as great as the artwork that was masterfully done by the mainman of Lich King, Tom Martin himself. This album is definitely Lich King's best offering thus far as they worked on perfecting their production and refining their craft. The riffs are heavier and the vocals are also A LOT better than they were on their previous albums. The best tracks here would definitely be "ED-209," "Act of War," and "Grindwheel."

#8. Vektor - Black Future
Coming in at number 8 are the Sci-fi thrashers Vektor. Vektor are very unique sounding especially in the vocal department. The singer has been described as some kind of "Space Falcon." But the riffs here are the main part that keep the listener happy. Everything mixes well and the music itself makes you feel as if you're in space. The best tracks here would be "Black Future" and the 13 minute epic "Accelerating Universe."

#7. Warbringer - War Without End
Next up is Warbringer's awesome debut "War Without End." This album is filled to the brim with everything that you want in an album. It's got the riffs that range from Kreator/Slayer like thrash riffs to some solid OSDM riffs for a variety. The intensity on this album is also off the charts and did a wonderful job of putting Warbringer on the map in the metal world. The best tracks here would be "Combat Shock," "Systematic Genocide," "Total War," and "At the Crack of Doom."

#6. HeXeN - State of Insurgency
Time for some Melodic Thrash. HeXeN manages to mix up the melody and the heavy thrash riffs extremely well on this record by delivering some very brilliantly written music that is technical in a good way as it keeps the listeners from being bored to death (Unless you're into that whole tech-wankery music, this album still has plenty of technical aspects to keep you happy too). Stand outs here are "Blast Radius," "State of Insurgency," and "The Serpent."

#5. Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation
Even though the Waste's past two offerings have gotten really boring rather quickly, this gem still holds up. There's nothing too serious here, just straightforward, fun thrash. Definitely a great album for those just getting into thrash as well. The best tracks here are, "Terror Shark," "The Thrashin' of the Christ," and "Unleash the Bastards."

#4. Violator - Chemical Assault
This is an album that is just drenched in old-school. This album sounds like it came straight out of 1986 and it just thrashes like an absolute maniac. Violator are one of the few new bands who play complete retro thrash but also retain their own sound rather than sounding like a bunch of Kreator/Slayer/Exodus ripoffs. The best tracks here are "Atomic Nightmare," "UxFxTx," and "Addicted to Mosh."

#3. Dekapitator - We Will Destroy... You Will Obey
Just like Violator's "Chemical Assault," this album sounds like it was recorded some time in mid to late '80s. However this album is a bit more catchy and all around better. The riffs are awesome, the solos are great and the vocals sound like Razor! What's not to love about this record? The best tracks here are "One Shot, One Kill," "Possessed By Damnation," and "Haunted By Evil."

#2. Havok - Time is Up
This next album just came out this year but it crushes. It completely blows it's predecessor "Burn" right out of the water. Havok upped their intensity and songwriting all around here and delivered a modern masterpiece. There isn't a single bad track on here but if I had to recommend the best songs I would say "D.O.A." "Fatal Intervention," and "Killing Tendencies" are the best.

#1. Warbringer - Waking Into Nightmares
And for #1 we have Warbringer's "Waking Into Nightmares." This album is a masterpiece and an album that I believe will go down in history as one of the best thrash albums EVER. It's got excellent riffs, solos, drumming, basswork and vocals. Every aspect of this album is done masterfully and together it makes for an amazing record. Best tracks are, "Severed Reality," "Prey for Death," and "Shadow from the Tomb."

Anyway those are my top 10 new wave albums. If you have any disputes feel free to leave a comment and tell me what I left out. I hope you all enjoyed and until next time peace.

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