Friday, April 29, 2011

Impalers - A Necessary Evil Review

Well it's been a while since I've posted here but I've returned to review a very kickass demo by a very kickass band by the name of Impalers. Impalers come from Denmark but they sound like they should've been playing with Kreator and Sodom back in the 80's over in Germany. This new demo of their's, "A Necessary Evil" tore me a new asshole and will hopefully tear your's open too. Let's get into the review shall we?!

Power Behind the Throne - Impalers open the demo with the longest track, "Power Behind the Throne." This song opens up with a rapid fire thrash riff that will split your eardrums and it continues from there. A good mix of blistering speed and slower interludes to be found here as well as some beautifully executed solos to enhance the songs as they fit perfectly. A very great way to kick this beast off. 4.5/5.

Nuclear Nights - Next up is "Nuclear Nights." This opening is fast as hell with the inclusion of the pummeling double bass and it doesn't let up until mid song when you get a slower, tempo-changing riff that will guarantee that your head will bang. Not to mention more awesome solos that are added. 4/5.

See What I See - Just like the songs before it, Impalers doesn't hold anything back and they fly right into it with those fast ass riffs but this time with a cool intro solo to go with it. There's some more tempo changes and nice melodies to be found here as well. Another great song. 4/5.

Death in Fire - This is the best song off of the demo and is definitely the best possible way to end this demo. It's full of catchy riffs and solos as well as awesome vocals. 5/5.

Impalers showed everyone that they are here to thrash and to thrash fucking hard. They delivered a brilliant release and I am anxiously awaiting a full-length from these guys. I highly recommend this to anyone who's a fan of fast and brutal music reminiscent of the masters such as Kreator and Sodom. Also go like them on their Facebook page and buy the demo!

Final rating - 4.65/5 or 93%.

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