Friday, April 14, 2017

Condor – Unstoppable Power

Condor is a relatively newer thrash band hailing from Norway, and has recently put forth “Unstoppable Power” as their second full-length record. Like many of their Norwegian contemporaries, Condor favours the dirty black/thrash approach that worships Venom, Motorhead, and the like. Unsurprisingly, this record is filled with straightforward riffs played at light speed. The result is a noisy, raw sound that will appeal to fans of the subgenre’s roots. The band ensures that the final product is not totally unlistenable, as the production toes the line between being able to clearly hear every instrument, but not sounding particularly modern.

Though “Unstoppable Power” does tend to be fairly one-dimensional, it is a quick burst of energy that ends before it wears out its welcome. In addition, the band occasionally mixes things up by taking a more rock ‘n roll approach, where they slow down the tempo to a mid-paced headbanger, while maintaining simplistic riffing. This is most evident on “83 Days of Radiation”, but shows up semi-frequently on the rest of the album. This is in direct contrast to absolute ragers like “Riders of Violence” or “Embraced By Evil”, which allow little room for breathing. These tracks are designed to tear your neck apart and do so effectively. 

To complement the band’s raw approach, Condor’s singer utilizes a harsh, yet understandable yell. His voice leans more towards the extreme metal side of the spectrum, as his throat is clearly being torn with each syllable uttered. Once again, this is consistent with much of the black/thrash/speed metal the world is seeing right now, so fans of this style will already know what to expect. Overall, it is hard to find faults with “Unstoppable Power”. Some of the tracks could be a bit more memorable, but a band like Condor excels more due to their atmosphere than their songwriting. This makes “Unstoppable Power” an unstoppable release, and an essential record for the thrash enthusiast, particularly if most modern thrash is too sterile for your tastes.

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"Embraced By Evil"
"Riders of Violence"
"83 Days of Radiation"

Final Rating
4.0/5 or 80%. 

Written by Scott

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