Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Abraxxas – Bitter Harvest

Abraxxas is a new Australian death/thrash band featuring ex-Sewercide singer Idris Eldritch. Their debut demo, “Bitter Harvest”, offers thrash much in the vein of what you would expect from the land down under: intense, raw, and sloppy (in a good way, of course). Lunn’s vocals are pretty harsh, and are the main reason Abraxxas draws the death/thrash tag. He is definitely understandable, but tends to annihilate his vocal chords in the process of firing out words.

The riffs are pretty solid here, but nothing particularly special. “Drop The Hammer” opens with one of the stronger riffs on the demo, but it is still run-of-the-mill thrash. I’m not one to criticize unoriginality in thrash, and this song is actually the best on the demo because it is par for the course thrash. The song is relatively upbeat, and makes good use of gang vocals in the chorus. The soloing is relatively melodic and well thought out in this track, but at other times, such as on the opening song, it is more spastic in its approach. Both styles prove to be effective, and while the latter is more conducive to this sound, the former approach helps the band stand out a bit from the crowd. The third song, “Rattenkrieg”, opens with a nice buildup, but quickly reverts to the sound you’d expect from Abraxxas. Again, good riffs conquer all in this song, and the somewhat typical songwriting can be forgotten about if you focus solely on the riffs. With that said, these riffs are certainly not the height of thrash, but they provide a good break from the typical low-tuned, excessively muted rhythms that many bands focus on. 

Overall, Abraxxas is definitely on the right path. “Bitter Harvest” is not the most inspired work, but it also isn’t devoid of quality. With more time to refine their songwriting, and create even better riffs, it isn’t hard to see these guys having a lot of success in the future. For now, this demo is an interesting offering on more violent and vicious thrash metal, and provides a nice break from the Bay Area worship that is extremely common these days.

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"Drop The Hammer"

Final Rating
3.5/5 or 70%. 

Written by Scott

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