Wednesday, November 7, 2012

War Possession - Through the Ages [EP]

The death metal revolution in the 21st century seems to be in full swing in Greece, as the country is seeing some very talented bands make their unholy mark on the current scene. Bands like Embrace of Thorns (who shares members with this group), Necrovorous and War Possession's label mates in Resurgency are all worth the time of any fan who enjoys crude death metal in the vein of the old. And it should come as no surprise that War Possession is a killer band since they were brought to my attention by one of the best underground death metal labels in Hellthrasher Productions, and the "Through the Ages" EP is no exception - this is insanely heavy death metal fueled by a love for war and violence. Just by knowing the style of music these guys play and based on the cover for their EP, it should be pretty obvious these guys love themselves some Bolt Thrower, and after listening to the four menacing tracks on this release, it's clear they know how to channel the British masters in their music without ripping the band off. 

In the midst of the Bolt Thrower grooving and pummeling, there's also clear hints of other very notable bands like Benediction, Grave and the occasional darker or evil moment undoubtedly inspired by groups like Morbid Angel or Convulse. But, for the most part, War Possession undoubtedly sounds like a band that knows how to write some awesome death metal. "Through the Ages" kicks off with arguably the best track "In the Shadow of the Ancient Gods," an ancient hymn that opens with heavy powerchords and sinister leads and finishes with organ-churning riffs and bellowing growls. "Medieval Bloodlust" shows off a more doomy side of the band with it's extended break that drags the listener down under the trampled carnage that graces that cover art, while "World War Domination" has a more chaotic approach and some noticeable grind influence in the riffage as well. Overall, War Possession has made a very solid collection of music that is capable of getting the band some more (deserved) recognition in the metal underground, as they don't cling onto old-school tenets to the point where they're seen as unoriginal, and they don't sound like they're trying too hard either. This is simply a band that is capable of conjuring dark and heavy sounds made for causing destruction, and with a lethal weapon like "Through the Ages" in their arsenal, and a stellar label in Hellthrasher Productions, it's simply a matter of time before their conquest is complete. 

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"In the Shadow of the Ancient Gods"
"World War Domination"
"A Taste of Things To Come (Chaos Awaits)"

Final Rating
4.25/5 or 85%.