Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wolf - Legions of Bastards Review

Hello all once again, for today's review we have Sweden's Heavy Metal veterans, Wolf's newest outing, "Legions of Bastards." Wolf doesn't really pull any tricks on this album and they tend to stick to that Traditional Heavy Metal sound which is not a bad thing at all. Overall this is a very well done album and the trend of good metal throughout 2011 has continued. Time for the review!

Vicious Companions - The first track here is Vicious Companions and it opens with a drum intro along with a nice riff and intro solo. This song has some really cool solos along with some harmonies that are very reminiscent of the great Judas Priest. Great way to kick off the album. 4/5.

Skull Crusher - This track is even better than the one before it. It's a tad bit heavier as well as more catchy from the riffs to the vocals. Also there are some more nice solos to be found here as well. 4.5/5.

Full Moon Possession - One of the more melodic tracks on the record this song doesn't live up to the two that came before it but it still a nice track that shows off Wolf's skills. 3.5/5.

Jekyll & Hyde - This song kicks off with a nice wah pedal riff and continues with some heavier riffs. This song like the one before has a good mix of heaviness and melodies as well as nicely executed solos. 3.5/5.

Absinthe - One of the better tracks on the album as well as one of the heaviest. The mixture of heaviness and melody continues here but is a little bit more catchy than the previous two tracks. 4/5.

Tales From the Crypt - This is hands down the best track off of this record. It kicks off with a cool muted intro that is soon followed by a nice harmony and intro solo. this song just takes off from there and never looks back. 5/5.

Nocturnal Rites - This song came right after the best track on the album, but sadly this is my least favorite. It has a really long weird intro and then the song after is average at best. 3/5.

Road to hell - Luckily this song was better than the one before it and got the album back on track. A lot of nice melody found here as well as some cool harmony solos. 4/5.

False Preacher - Another great track here. Catchiness isn't short on this track at all and keeps the album moving along really nicely. 4/5.

Hope to Die - A badass intro solo kicks this song off and we get all of the melody and heaviness present on the other tracks on the album but we even get a nice little break with some bass work. 4.5/5.

K-141 Kursk - This is the longest track on the album, and it isn't short at all of riffs or solos. Definitely a great way to close this album as it is a catchy tune. 4.5/5.

Wolf did not dissapoint with this record and continue to hoist the flag of awesome metal for the year of 2011.

Final Rating - 4/5 or 80%.

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