Sunday, May 8, 2011

Foreskin - B.I.T.P. Demo Review

Hello all, for today's review we have Pakistan's own Foreskin. Foreskin are a 2-piece crossover act that doesn't try to follow any kind of trend or reinvent any kind of sound but instead they play some fun, kickass crossover thrash that will definitely get your headbangin'!

The B.I.T.P. demo consists of 6 songs and clocks in about under the ten minute mark, kicking off with an instrumental called, "The Cuntess Commands Thee." This song has some catchy ass riffs that will definitely keep you entertained as well as sets the tone for the rest of the demo. Next up is the title track and not much can be said about it other than it will have your headbanging to the crossover assault. The next two songs are really short and hit you like a brick really quick and then it goes into a short song, that's really just a simple drum beat. The demo closes with the track "Attack of the Radioactive Posers." This song is definitely a great way to end the demo as it thrashes all the way through and shows that Foreskin are an up and coming band to be aware of. So if you're a crossover fan or a fan of catchy headbanging music then, I highly recommend checking out Foreskin.

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