Thursday, May 19, 2011

Autopsy - Macabre Eternal Review.

Au-motherfucking-topsy is back with another release, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who was eagerly anticipating this album. This was definitely one of the most looked forward to metal albums of 2011 for me as I'm a big Autopsy fan. Their latest offering "Macabre Eternal" is very reminiscent of the more doom-y side that Autopsy portrayed on "Mental Funeral" but it still retains the heaviness and catchiness that we all love of Autopsy. 

Let's start with the good shall we? The best tracks to be found here are the ones that mix that fast paced DM sound with the Doom parts to keep from just playing 200 mph the entire time. Songs like "Dirty Whore Gore," "Macabre Eternal," "Deliver Me From Sanity," and "Spill My Blood" are perfect examples of this. These four tracks are definitely the best on the album and they all mix the two sounds very well. Some more good things about this album are the drums. The drumming itself is very good and is placed very well in the production mix for a great overall sound. 

Some of the songs on this album were rather average, nothing too good but nothing bad. Songs like "Hand of Darkness," "Seeds of the Damned," "Bridge of Bones" and the 11 minute epic "Sadistic Gratification." These songs were all just short of being some of the more awesome tracks on the record either because they seemed to not be as catchy or were just lacking something special that gave it that "wow" factor like the other aforementioned tracks did.

Then of course we have the not so good... Let's start with the vocals in the mix. For some of the songs the vocals seemed to be low in the mix and not exactly matched up with the music, however this is just a minor problem that shouldn't take away any of the music's greatness. The main problem with this record was that some of the songs here just seemed to drag along and didn't have anything catchy about them. They would go into a heavy, slow, doom-ish part but they would be boring and you would be waiting for it to pick up but it wouldn't. Songs like "Born Undead," "Sewn Into One," and "Bludgeoned and Brained" all fall victim to this trend.

Overall I enjoyed this record and I will be giving it a few more listens to see if anything changes but in the meantime, Autopsy did not fail to deliver on this record as the goods outweighed the bads here, and allowed them to produce a very well put together album. 

Overall rating - 4/5 or 80%. 

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