Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Executioner - Fear the Blade Review.

Executioner are a 5 piece thrash band from the deep bowels of the forests in Kentucky who play some ripping thrash, no gimmicks needed, and they do it quite well at that. They recently released their debut demo, "Fear the Blade" that features their two original songs, "Last Stand" and "Tomb of the Pharoah" as well a cover of a classic Slayer song. 

If I had to describe Executioner's sound, I would say it sounds like Slayer (Show No Mercy Era) with hints of Demolition Hammer and Exodus, so that's quite the range of different sounds here. The riffs are pummeling and fast and the vocals suit the music very well which makes this demo sound that much better.

The first song, "Last Stand" starts off with a nice melodic, kind-of intro that fires into a blazing thrash riff and it never really stops after that. The only thing that kept this song from being better, was that it seemed to drag on a little because there weren't really any tempo changes and the song seemed to follow the same pattern, but the song itself is still very good but could have been great. 4/5.

The other song "Tomb of the Pharoah" is definitely a brilliant song, that features some nice Egyptian-sounding riffs and melodies but also brings a more brutal side out of Executioner. The vocal patterns with the riffs are done really well and there are even some minor glimpses of gang vocals to be found here on this track. There's a nice break and some cool solos. Overall a really good song and my favorite of the demo. 5/5. 

I highly suggest checking out Executioner and listening to their demo on their Facebook page and be sure to like the page as well to stay up to date on the happenings in this bright young band. 

Final rating - 4.5/5 or 90%.

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