Thursday, September 28, 2017

Encyrcle – Burning Child

After a couple of years in hiding, Denmark’s speed/heavy metal juggernaut Encyrcle has returned with a new EP. Anyone salivating at the thought of a new album from this band might be disappointed to hear that it has just 3 full-length tracks, and 1 of them is a cover. Nevertheless, this is a perfect dosage that allows Encyrcle to demonstrate exactly what they’re about to both newcomers and fans who have been around since the debut. Interestingly, the record opens with an uncharacteristically positive melody, showing the band’s eclectic set of influences. Though they are fairly comfortable in the speed/heavy pocket, Encyrcle is much more than just a souped-up Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.

One of the defining characteristics of the band is their wailing singer. In the grand scheme of this style of music, he isn’t particular impressive. Encyrcle’s vocalist doesn’t hit notes that are in the stratosphere, nor does he even hold a pitch for very long. Many of his lines waver somewhat uncontrollably. For many bands this would be a deal breaker, but Encyrcle makes it work by creating an otherworldly feel to some of their music. Sometimes they wander on and on, allowing the guitars to float around with some different melodies or riffs. Where they’re going isn’t clear, but they always arrive somewhere interesting. 

It is this unique mix of sounds that is likely to make or break “Burning Child” for you. If, like me, you prefer things to be a bit more traditional, more predictable, and based around obvious hooks, then Encyrcle is unlikely to capture your attention. But the band deserves credit for taking a heavy metal sound and twisting it on its side just slightly. Surely, “Burning Child” will get better with repeated listening, as the music becomes easier to follow and the subtleties will be clearer. No matter your personal preference or traditional heavy metal, “Burning Child” is well worth a few spins as a breath of fresh air.

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"Delight of Evil"
"Burning Child"

Final Rating
3.2/5 or 74%.  

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