Saturday, May 9, 2015

Twisted Tales – We Shall Be Heard

We Shall Be Heard” is the debut full-length from Serbian thrashing melodeath band Twisted Tales. The album wastes little before ripping into a riff that will tear your neck off. When the vocals come in, the band’s sound becomes apparent: they have a vocalist that has a brutal growl, yet their riffs are more in the thrash realm. The combination of the two sounds is very effective. They also show more traditional melodic death metal roots on a song like “Gods of Decay”, where the band breaks into dueling lead guitars. This track is also particularly interesting because it is more mid-paced and groovy at times, but it doesn’t get boring or feel tame.

Twisted Tales has pretty much nailed the execution part of this style of music. All of the instruments sound good and are easy to hear, thanks in large part to the clear production. Additionally, they all display exceptional levels of competence, with no area that stands out as lacking. My criticism of this record is one that is all too common: it’s just too long. At 66 minutes, this is more melodeath than anyone really needs. This would not be too bad, but the band doesn’t recapture the magic they create on the first three songs. These songs stand head and shoulders above the rest of the tracks on the record, but they alone are worth the price of admission. The other songs are not bad, but by the time you hit the 50 minute mark, it definitely feels as though the band is starting to wear our their welcome. Nevertheless, “We Shall Be Heard” has a lot of very impressive melodeath, even to someone who isn’t a big fan of the subgenre.

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"Troops of Twisted"
"Gods of Decay"

Final Rating
3.7/5 or 74%. 

Written by Scott 

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